Sunday, 24 March 2019




I want to hold you tight

To feel your heartbeat against mine;

I want to look into your eyes

and let your pain be mine.

I want you to know that you belong

Safe, here in your home.

We are both beloved,

Made in the image of God.

It's been an emotional week. I am shocked that the massacre against the Muslim Community happened in Christchurch, let alone New Zealand. And yet there have always been signs that this was possible. Our gun laws were not as tight as most people believed. White Supremacy has been a fact of life, especially in Christchurch, for decades. Racism and religious bigotry are never far from the surface, often hidden under a polite exterior. Most New Zealanders are complacent and soft, yet strong and hard working, comfortable as a Norman Rockwell painting. We have it easy compared to many parts of the world. It's nearly 150 years since there was armed conflict on our soil. (Land Wars 1840 - 1870s). We have looked out from our semi-isolated nation and believed that the evil of the world cannot touch us. 

We are proud of our ability to stand out, to stand up to the world and be ourselves. We were the first nation to allow women  to vote, (1893). We are avid environmentalists, not perfect, but improving daily. We stood up to the most powerful nation of the world when we declared New Zealand a Nuclear Free Zone in 1987. We excel at sports around the world way above what could be expected. There is so much about our country we are proud of. 

In the midst of this we did not read the warning signs. We pointed toward the violent acts that occurred in other countries, overlooking our own backyard. Domestic violence, child abuse and sexual abuse are a way of life for some. We are people full of the potential for good yet capable of extreme evil. We tried to ignore the fact that the world is growing smaller and that the internet has changed us. We are shocked that someone dared and succeeded in attacking our little piece of heaven, our home land.

AND YET ..... we have shown our true heart this week. 
We weep with those who weep.

The one thing I am particularly proud of is to hear people from all walks of life, and different ethnic backgrounds say that something good has come from what was meant for evil. Never can I recall a time when our nation has been so united. We have been made aware of our prejudices and decided we will not tolerate military style weapons and any form of bigotry. The acts of love toward the Muslim community are legendary. We want to do more to show how much we care. Loving kindness abounds in spite of how we might feel about the religion. 

I am reminded that I love certain family members with an immutable strength that cannot be broken. Neither different religious and spiritual  beliefs, nor unacceptable moral behaviour can change my love. I do not endorse everything but my love is greater. I think of what God has done for me. 

The bible story about Joseph is a prime example of God changing a truly bad experience into something for great good. Read about it here.

On another note.... Greg came down from Rotorua on Thursday. It's his first trip to Christchurch in 15 years. He bought on spec a motorbike through an on-line auction. It was not a wise purchase but it brought him here and I'm pleased to say he is enjoying his brief visit of 4 days, and appears to find my wheelchair friendly home quite acceptable and even comfortable. I am delighted to have him here and do hope that it's the first of many visits. I love seeing our three boys together although their conversation gets a bit tedious particularly when they talk cars. Still they are happy. That is a blessing for any mother. I'd like to help finance future trips because it costs so much. He prefers to drive as that gives him greater independence. It's a long trip, maybe 20 hours all up, and although he usually avoids stopping over in a motel it still costs around $1000 including the Interisland Ferry fees.

Family time is precious so I'm not going to church today. There was a time when I would never have put family before church except for rare exceptions. How my attitude to life has changed.

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