Thursday, 28 March 2019


Today I'm doing as little as possible.

A week ago Greg sent a text telling us he was getting ready to drive down to Christchurch from Rotorua. I haven't had much time alone since then. Greg left about 11 pm on Monday night. He would have been on the 8 am Interislander then he had a 6-7 hour drive home to Rotorua. He'll be tired and I haven't heard from him yet. I hope the trip didn't trigger another urinary tract infection. Unfortunately it's something that some paraplegics are prone to and he is one of them.

Tuesday I was out and about with Amanda keeping appointments, shopping, paid a couple of bills and selected a fresh pile of library books. We had lunch at the Tannery and had a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying day without spending a fortune. Yesterday my cleaner came. I feel as though it's an indulgence but it's an incentive for me to tidy things up properly and for a while my place looks picture perfect.

These photos of the Tannery are taken off the internet. It's a lovely place to browse although I'm not sure I would do a lot of shopping there as most things seem rather expensive. John and I enjoyed going there, not least because there's a cinema which showed movies we were more likely to be interested in.

My Christmas decorations are packed away but 'stored' on the floor of my sewing room. Today the plan is to box them up so they can be put away in the garage rafters. After that I'll restore order to a couple of things that were moved to make room for Greg in his wheelchair. I might even get out some sewing. I disciplined myself to keep away from sewing until after the cleaner had been yesterday because I tend to spread stuff around when I start a new project. Not that I am starting something new but I will be finishing something that takes a bit of sorting out and thought. Maybe I can get a picture of it when finished. I still haven't worked out what my computer is doing with photos off my camera.
I can see I need to get some expert help.


JO said...

Keeping yourself busy as usual. But a rest every now and then is a good thing. Looks like a great shopping center.

Lynda said...

What a wonderful idea to have a cleaner! That Tannery place looks fantastic.

Regarding your photos, so you are loading them onto your computer but you can't find them - is that the problem? I'm sure someone would be able to help with that. I know it would frustrate me :) I hope you son got back home OK.

MargieAnne said...

I'm so slack at replying. Greg is fine. Why do we mothers never stop worrying? Photo problem ... I just need to find someone more savvy than me.