Thursday, 21 June 2018


Wednesday, June 20th

Writing here today is part of establishing my new routine.

I didn't sleep well last night and I've no idea why. I spent yesterday sorting out a few things and emptying John's desk It takes up far too much space and was bought off TradeMe because John needed somewhere to keep stuff. He had his laptop and the printer set up and kept all kinds of things in the drawers. I do things differently so this bulky piece of furniture has to go. I used to give receipts and instruction manuals to John because he seemed to like being in charge and I thought he was more likely than I to keep track of things. I've found all kinds of electrical and electronic stuff that is of no interest to me. I gave it to my son to sort through and I'll keep only what I know I'll use. Being a man, he's going to keep some and the left overs will get disposed of.

I found 2 cancelled passports and our new ones. They don't look easy to destroy. Of course I'll keep my new one. I suppose I should find some sturdy scissors to chop up the others enough so they'll burn easily. I'm sure they'll add to air pollution but I'm more concerned about personal safety.

 We stored a lot of our things at Whitianga when we moved three years ago. It only followed us last December when our daughter moved into her new house and we took everything out of storage. Jane's move more or less coincided with completing the modifications to our flat. When the truck arrived I discovered I had acquired Mum's writing desk. It is quite nice so I'll keep it and that will give me somewhere to put what I need to keep.

The sun came out yesterday afternoon. Christchurch is way behind on average sunshine for this month, so weak and wintery as it was, it was also very welcome. I hopped into the spa for about an hour. Our spa is still out in the weather with no shelter from the wind, an icy south easterly, so it was a case of staying under water as much as possible to stay warm and a quick scramble to wrap up after climbing out. I did enjoy having a long soak.

I have a doctor's appointment later this morning. Just a routine check up for blood pressure and medication. While we're out I'll get a new folder to file the collection of manuals etc. and any other shopping I think of. I'm making use of Jane before she goes home tomorrow. I was hoping it would be sunny enough to take Ava with us and have a play on the beach. I love being beside the sea in winter. But..... the forecast is for some rain and a top temperature of 9'C (48'F). In the meantime I need to tidy up the mess I made yesterday. While I know I've made progress it looks just the opposite.

Thursday June 21st

Jane is waiting at the airport for her flight to Hamilton. The airport is fogged in and it looks as though there will be no domestic flights for a few hours. I'm going to miss her. We've been together since  April 10th, nearly 12 weeks. I think she'll miss me although I know she's looking forward to having her home to herself again, just as I am enjoying having my flat to myself.

Airport Update Jane re-booked for a mid-day flight tomorrow so hopefully it will not be affected by fog. We will enjoy another day. It's not too hard to say goodbye when I will be going to Whitianga again in less than 6 weeks.

All went well at the doctors yesterday, although I got a bit teary when I talked about our trip and John's death, which was followed a month later by my friend Julie, both unexpected. I continue on my current BP meds and that's about it. We went to the Eastgate Shopping Centre where I updated library information and got out my usual collection of 5 books including non-fiction, mystery, western, romance and a novel from the general section, all large print and light reading, I hope. I like to read in bed and it's important to have something that doesn't keep me awake. We did a little shopping and had a light lunch of coffee and savoury muffins from Muffin Break. while Ava made good use of the playground. I bought some colouring in pens and book for Ava to keep in my house.

I know it's winter ... but really, couldn't the sun shine? I do enjoy not needing any other excuse to stay cosy inside but I am worried about my lack of fitness, I can hardly walk 100 metres without getting breathless. The worst part is that the physical discomfort puts me off doing anything, when the truth is it will only get worse if I don't change. It's all about head space.

I was very tired after our outing so just fiddled away the rest of the day.

The big national news today is that our Prime Minister, Jacinda Adern, has entered hospital to have her first baby. She's a courageous woman. I hope all goes well. As I get ready to post the news is that New Zealand's first family have a baby girl. The new mother will take a six month break from her post while the deputy stands in for her.

I have a multitude of small tasks. The kind that I tend to put off for another day. Here goes to seeing how many I can tick off today.

Day's over and although it's not even 8 pm I'm going to bed. I feel so weary. I haven't got a lot to show for the day. I changed my bed, (haven't even remade it with the clean sheets yet), sorted and filed some papers and took photos which have gone into a secret file somewhere in my computer so I can't even show you any. so weird. I can view them but not add them to posts or emails. I'll have to find an expert to work out the secret place. Tonight's photo is from my other file. the one that is accessible.



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