Wednesday, 27 June 2018


There's nothing exciting going on in my life.

Listening to Legacy Five, my favourite Gospel group on youtube

Weather   Fairly cold, currently 5'C, (41'F). very little wind, sunny with clouds. I washed towels yesterday and dried them on a rack in front of the fire. Wish I'd hung them outside on the line so they'd be fluffy and smell much nicer. I'm tempted to run them through a rinse and dry them again outside today.

I did go to church on Sunday. Amanda dropped me off before going to visit her mother who is in a rest home. Empower Church on Springfield Road is definitely a better fit for me than the one I tried out at New Brighton. They have a seniors meeting on Wednesday mornings but it's a bit tricky for me to get there I'll eventually work it out but I think it involves some walking, probably a good thing, and at least 2 buses. I'd need to start out by 9 am and I really don't like going out before 10.30 in the middle of winter. I'll try it out one afternoon when the day beckons me to go exploring. In any case I want to start off quietly and get to know a little bit more about the church before I get too involved.

While Jane was here we discussed me getting some help with housework. It seems ridiculous to want help when I have only myself and 4 rooms to look after. The thing is, I function better when things around me are in good order but on my own I get into the most awful muddle. I haven't lived alone since 1959 and then it was for less than a year. Having someone come in regularly will encourage me to tidy up at least once a week. John used to do a lot of housework which left me more time to do fun things like sewing. I have found a lovely woman who lives within walking distance. I'm not sure how wise my choice is because she seems to be a bit OCD and is almost too fussy. Anyway I like her and I'm sure we'll get it worked out.

The big thing is that I still have unpacked boxes and pictures wrapped up because I can't make up my mind what to do with everything. I might take another year to pare my stuff down to what I need to keep and where to place it. In the meantime I keep as much as possible out in view so it doesn't become out of sight out of mind. Clutter drives me nuts. I think I would be happy with a modern minimalist environment but then how could I spread out all my projects and have my lovely comfy and cosy furniture with all the colour I crave. Just another dilemma. I'm not sure my head is in a good place for all this decision making.

I've had two packets of fabric arrive this week. It's time I stopped buying but I keep thinking how useful it would be to have this or that. I must have too much because storing it is an issue. It's not that I have a large stash by patchwork quilters standards, but for me what I have is more than enough. I keep reminding myself that my sewing days are numbered and one day someone will come in and all these pieces of material that I have collected as well as all the UFOS, (unfinished projects), will be given away. Perhaps I should put in my will or maybe a note inside the door of the main cupboard would do, that anything family do not want should go to the Whitianga Quilting Group.

I did unpack some bags of linen and crochet and other stuff. It was a mixture of heritage table cloths and more. Beautiful things my mother had bought and many other pieces that had been lovingly made by myself, my mother or grandmother, three generations of handwork. I have an embroidered nightgown labelled 'over 90 years old.' It's not exciting to look at but I think it might have been part of my grandmother's trousseau which would date it back to 1914 or earlier. I will never use most of these things but maybe some will find their way into 'Crazy Patchwork' which is my latest thing. I'm not into keeping things I don't use but I don't have the heart to dump so many beautiful things. My grandmother was very talented, a hard worker and prolific sewer. I wish we'd kept more things she made but they seemed so everyday we never treated them as treasures.

It's not good to live in this state of quandary. What to keep and what must go. If it's to go should it be re-homed or dumped in an opportunity shop? Decisions, decisions. My head hurts.

The morning has almost gone and I've not had breakfast. I'll post this and get into the 'meat' of my day. Brunch, a soak in spa, wash my hair and sort out at least one other thing.

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