Sunday, 13 May 2018


I need to tidy up my Blogs.

I am now a widow. The last few months have seen one adjustment after another.

Current situation. I am staying with our daughter in Whitianga for another 4 weeks before returning to my home in Christchurch.

Three weeks ago John died after a very brief illness. We had driven from Christchurch taking our time. We were staying at a B & B near Hamilton when John realised he was very unwell and we called an ambulance and went to Waikato Hospital. He was diagnosed with end stage Liver Cancer. Our daughter, who is a District Nurse and familiar with Hospice type care, brought us back to her home. John died on April 20th. It was all a bit of a shock but we had time to adjust and gather family. It was good for me to be among so many old friends and have my family surround me.

I am at peace and feel as though I'm on holiday. I do miss John. For the last 15 years we seem to have done everything together.  I am looking forward to my new life with some trepidation but also a sense of adventure.

Our life in Christchurch was quite busy. We adapted Amanda's ex-showroom for Baby On The Move to become a fully self contained unit. After the earthquakes our son, Wayne, and Amanda had a new garage built. They took the opportunity to build large, with one side garage and the other suitable to live in. We were still settling into our new home and had boxes everywhere while we made decisions on what to keep and what to sell or give away.

We had planned an extensive trip see here but John had a heart attack last November which meant several stents were placed in his heart. His specialist advised against sea travel so we cancelled. I'm so thankful we did that because the crash in his health would have coincided with being in the Panama Canal. Instead we decided to take a trip north sightseeing and visiting with family and friends.

Back in Christchurch I will still be close to family. Amanda and Wayne have a little daughter, our only grandchild. Ava-Jane is now three and a half years old. She is our delight. It is a great privilege to live so near that she can walk/run to our home and say "Good morning" while still in her pyjamas. I'm starting to look forward to going home but I'm also enjoying being with Jane. Today I' going to church and lunch with longtime friends.

Maybe I'll write more often. I did enjoy my days of regular blogging and the on-line friends I found.

Making the most of everyday.



Lyn said...

Anne, I am so sorry to read about John. I'm very sorry for your loss and it was so sudden. I am glad you have family surrounding and loving you though, and am glad you gave an update. Blessings to you and may you find peace and joy as you adjust to the 'new normal.' Hugs.

Lynda said...

Oh Anne, I am so sorry to hear this news. I hope John didn't suffer too much. I will be over at the beach in a couple of weeks so if you are still there perhaps we could catch up? Lovely to hear from you again - I had been wondering how life was for you.

Chris H said...

So very sorry to hear of your news Anne. Are you still in the Waikato, if so I could visit you? I lost a girlfriend to liver cancer just a month ago too! She survived 5 months after diagnosis. I hope you are well and get home safely.