Friday, 18 May 2018



This morning I got up feeling more in tune with living than I have for several days. I settled with a film to watch on my laptop and my sewing. I'm still embellishing the patchwork front for the shoulder bag I'm making for Julie.

Then came a phone call which has left me broken. My dear friend, Julie, has died. Julie has been a friend to me since I first met her more than 16 years ago. I am sorry to say I neglected our friendship at times but she was always there for me. She even said she admired me for the way I stood strong, through major family problems. Julie was married to Murray who is pastor of the Pauanui Baptist Christian Fellowship. They are the main reason I was pleased to be here when John was so ill and of course his service was taken by Murray. Julie stood beside me as I read the poem.

Last Sunday I was upset and shocked to hear she had a brain aneurysm and had been operated on to stop the bleed but would be kept in a coma for several days. Julie died in the early hours of this morning. I couldn't shed proper tears for John but now they come like a flood. I feel for Murray and their family. I know how this feels. I also know that they will celebrate Julie's life knowing that she is safe in her forever home, in the arms of Jesus, The whole family have a strong Christian faith but we still miss having the one we love around to hug and talk with.

Julie was the most loving woman I know. She was generally wise and stood for no nonsense. Although always kind, she never minced words if she thought it would help. Her love was both practical and spiritual. In other words her love was seen in everything she did. I found love, acceptance and healing that I couldn't have imagined before I came into Murray and Julie's church family. I grew and found myself in a fresh way under their leadership.

We all grow older and day by day we come closer to the end of life on earth as we know it and we still feel sad when a someone we love goes on to Glory. Sorry about all the Christian cliches but for me they are also the reality of knowing Jesus died on the cross to give eternal life to all who believe in him. I have no problem in believing that the Holy Bible tells the truth. And what's more, to back this up, I have a deep knowing that cannot be shaken. It's as though my heart, (spirit), knows even more than my mind does. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

Now I will complete the shoulder bag for Julie and let God drop into my heart what to do with it. I'll keep on sewing and it will be my way of celebrating my memories of our times together.

I wanted to post a photo of my progress so far but my camera has flat batteries so another day will do.  I'm not used to sorting out batteries for all the electric stuff I use.

Tomorrow I'll join women from churches around the area who gather at River Day. More about that later.
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