Friday, 14 July 2017



Yesterday we woke, latish for us, to hard frost, blue sky and sunshine. Today it's grey with snow flurries with temperatures not expected to get higher than 5'C/41'F. That's cold for us. It's still dark and I'm wrapped up cosily with the heat-pump on high. It's not often it has to work so hard to keep our space warm.

The builder is arriving soon to begin install the glass door in our bedroom. This is one thing that has bugged me from the beginning. I'm not used to sleeping in a room that cannot open up to the outside. The lack of direct light and air onto our bedroom has run a close second to the inconvenience of having no running water. That too will be changed soon.

We Kiwis are tough. Double glazing and insulation are fairly recent legal conditions to new housing. Many houses are cold and draughty. Central heating is almost unheard of in private homes. I can remember sleeping with my day clothes in my bed and in the morning, getting dressed under the blankets.

My mother was a fresh air freak all her life. She slept with her bedroom window open even on frosty nights. First thing every morning she threw open windows except in the bitterest weather.

The America's Cup Parade is scheduled for Christchurch today. I'd love to go out and show my support but.... we are looking after Ava-Jane and I know we don't want to go out in this weather, especially as she is recovering from a nasty cold..

John and I closely followed New Zealand's Team challenge of the America's Cup. Now that we have Sky TV we were able to watch live all the races in Bermuda. It was exciting and nerve wracking. We knew we had a good chance to win the Cup but nothing is guaranteed until the final race is won. We are delighted to have the Cup back in New Zealand. It's a good time to be a New Zealander and we are so proud of the Team from the management and all other aspects including technology, creative design, the engineers, builders and the athlete's, (yachties), who sail the boat. Since our first challenge for the legendary Cup in we have seen people from our little country display amazing qualities of resilience, persistence, innovation and many other positive characteristics. Our population is less than five million and although there are wealthy New Zealanders there are international companies which probably have bigger budgets than our whole country.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in New Zealand was worth 185.02 billion US dollars in 2016. The GDP value of New Zealand represents 0.30 percent of the world economy. 

Weather is the great talk of the day. Our drive is slippery with frost. Icy rain and snow have left a frosting on the cars. There's more to come.


At last we have natural light coming into our bedroom. I keep wanting to go in to turn off the light. It's been cave-like for so long it takes a bit getting used to having a window. Now I can feel confident about decorating. Eventually we'll have a restored cracklewood headboard and dressing-table. They're in storage st Whitianga until later this year. I have my quilt, as seen in the heading photo, and still to be finished. Ava-Jane's quilt must come first. Amanda likes painting so she'll do the new wall colours and I want a light coloured carpet, beige or oatmeal I think. We'll also be able to choose our pictures from what we already have, again in storage. Choosing new bedside tables and lamps are on the list too.

New Zealand has experienced a really rough few days with an icy winter storm. I can't remember when I heard so many roads closed for more than 24 hours. The stormy weather has passed us. Here in our part of Christchurch we are only a few metres above sea level, maybe fifty feet. Icy roads are common but snow not so much. We continued to have sleet and hail showers throughout Wednesday and it's just been cold, grey and miserable since. Yesterday we looked after Ava, today her father stayed home. We've all been off colour, some worse that others. Not strictly flu but headaches, queasy tummies, sore throats and all the usual cold symptoms have kept us below par. For once I feel better that anyone else today.

I'm trying to pull myself back into a healthy lifestyle. It's a very long time since I did any kind of exercise and I have been eating a lot of bread and sweet stuff. The results are easy to see. I'm doing really well to have one half decent food day in a week. The good news is that I am unlikely to get much worse. I'm gently bringing myself into a healthier pattern.

The first major spend we had after selling Mum's house was to get a new car. There was a lot of discussion and John had a lot of fun visiting car lots. Finally we decided to but a new car and I had several points that any car we bought had to meet.

1. High in reliability and kilometres per 100 litres

2, Comfortable seats and a roomy backseat for when we are 3 or 4 adults.

3. Red which was guaranteed against our strong light, and a profile I liked

4. Fabric, not leather, real or fake upholstery.

5.  Room for the child's car seat with easy installation, and space for another adult in the back.

My first choice was a Mazda 3 until I tried out the back seat. Grrrr!

We bought a Honda Jazz and kept it quiet for months because we paid our deposit soon after the sale was confirmed. Another 4 months went by before we were able to pay and collect it. I felt really cross when the lawyers took more than 8 weeks to do their bit in working out the distribution to the 6 family members. In fact we might still have been waiting if we hadn't begun to agitate. I wouldn't have minded of there was a good reason but it was simply a hold up in the administrative office of our lawyer.


Lynda said...

I like the Honda Jazz cars - I also bought my Suzuki Swift sport for all the reasons you wanted your Jazz. I needed a car that would hold three in the back and also have lots of leg room.

Are you getting a kitchen and bathroom installed in the garage? You didn't mention this, just the carpet etc.

MargieAnne said...

Hi Lynda. It's so nice to hear from you.

I didn't make it very clear. We are only at stage 1. I didn't realise until now that we could lay the carpet and paint the bedroom straight away without waiting for all the other bits to be in place. It will be so nice to make it our bedroom instead of living with someone else's decor.

*Happy Smiles* Anne

Gypsy said...

I've been thinking about you and hoping you are doing well. Hearing about the snow in Australia made me wonder what New Zealand was dealing with. Stay warm and safe, and have fun decorating!

Merikay MacKenna said...

I too have wondered how you were doing. Grandchildren seem to grow up faster than their parents did. It is hard to believe my oldest is about to graduate from High School. Enjoy every day with her. Sounds like a good arrangement for you all.

Chris H said...

It would be lovely to see your new home as it emerges .... love the new car. And thank goodness the Simpson's beach house sale is finally done and dusted. It sure dragged on.

MargieAnne said...