Tuesday, 6 September 2016


The sun shines. I have some time completely to myself.

Ava-Jane and Amanda have gone to Playcentre. They'll be back soon. John is on his laptop and feeling unwell - probably a tummy bug. Living with other people we seem to be more prone to getting things like tummy bugs and colds.

Oops! I waited too long to start this. They're back so I'll pause until Ava goes to bed.

We've experienced a week and a half. So much happening.

I had all my top teeth out on Tuesday, that was all 5 remaining teeth. I've chosen to wait 3 months before getting a top dentures fitted. It just makes more sense to give plenty of time for healing after the facial surgery a couple of months ago.

Thursday morning we came inside to talk to Amanda and Ava. Wayne had woken up with an abdominal pain and vomiting but still went to work. He lasted 2 hours. Came home went to his doctor and was sent to hospital. His appendix was removed that evening.

The neighbour who minds Ava-Jane while Amanda works had an operation for varicose veins and was not well following, so we became chief baby-sitters for the week. No hardship but tiring.

Saturday John went to a trucking show at Ashburton. He detoured to pick up David, eldest son, and they had a nice day. So did I but I was pretty well done by afternoon. It was a relief when Ava went down for her afternoon sleep. Amanda was working a full day, opening and closing the Baby On The Move shop because her friend/owner /employer needed to be home with her family. Earlier in the week, one of her sons had fallen during sports activity at school and broken both wrists. Wayne couldn't help me except to read stories to Ava. She loved having her Daddy home. He's not to lift anything over 5 kg for 4 weeks. But he went back to work yesterday. Just 3 days after surgery!!!!!! Can you believe it? His job is quite physical but they seem to have found safe things for him to do.

I phoned our middle son at the weekend. He's the one in a wheel chair. He had a motorbike accident 25 years ago which resulted in broken vertebrae and spinal injury. I was disappointed to learn he has type 2 diabetes. The good thing is he has little choice except to work on his diet and change his lifestyle. We'll be seeing him soon so I hope I can help him with it.


We have our flights booked for our next trip up north. Jane, our daughter, is coming to Christchurch to see her precious niece. I so wish we all lived closer to each other. We are going north to watch over the cats and have a nice break staying in the Beach House we are still trying to sell.


We fly into Auckland on Sept 17th and pick-up Jane's car from the airport car park. We'll come home on October 4th. Hopefully Greg is coming up to stay with us for a few days and that will save us a trip to Rotorua. We will be going Hamilton way for a couple of nights to catch up with my brother and sister. My mother's brother, now aged 98, is in failing health so we'll visit him and one of my cousins too. I just hope we are not going to end up going to a funeral as well.

Meantime I'm working on my own diet and lifestyle. Nothing much to say about it yet. I'm endeavouring to be low carbohydrate, medium protein and never afraid of fat, especially butter and coconut oil. Mostly I'm successful but there have been a few days off plan. Yesterday was one of them. I seem to be struggling every which way. My physical fitness is barely a notch above zero. I've decided to join a gym when we get back from up north. I have a treadmill but I know I need much more and I'm not self motivated right now.

John is watching TV which I'm not interested in so I'm hoping to have a nap too while Ava is asleep. Grandma's can do that.


Gypsy said...

I think you should grab a nap whenever you can! You certainly have enough going on in the family, healthwise, that you need to take good care of yourself. I don't stick to a strict diet, but mostly try for lower carbs, and much lower sugar. Sometimes it works and sometimes I cheat!

Retta said...

Hi Anne! I had my last dental surgery this last Friday, so I know a bit of how you are feeling. I hope your healing goes well.

I've been listening to a new podcast series that I find motivating. It's called 2 Keto Dudes. A lot I knew, some was vague, some new. So it's been refreshing to fill my mind with info to keep me going. I started at the first one, and worked my way up from there. http://2ketodudes.com/

Since Feb of this year, I've lost 37 lbs. For a youngster, that may not sound like much, but for this 65 yr youngster, it's motivating! The best thing that helped me get unstuck was to join Sean Anderson's support group. At first I was... "you mean I have to PAY to be motivated??!!" Well, it's been so worth it. Like investing in myself, ya know?? I'm only telling you about it because it's helped me so much to be in the group. I was wondering if it might help you, too?? Anyway, I care how you are doing, is why I'm mentioning it. Oh, and no one tells you which "diet" to go on. It's not that kind of support group. I'm still doing low carb, and sometimes Keto low carb. So... there ya go. ;-)

And yay to naps!!


Gypsy said...

I can't find your email address, so this is the best I can do. It is Sunday, 13 Nov. 2016, and I just heard about the large earthquake that hit New Zealand. I hope you and your family are all safe, and I'm thinking about you.

Marty (Gypsy)