Tuesday, 30 August 2016


I am terribly apprehensive this morning. I have a miserable 5 top teeth left. My partial plate broke about 8 months ago and since then I've lost a tooth to an abscess. The remaining teeth are cracked, have broken fillings or in at least one case an old root canal job is past it's use by date. So today they all come out and I'm going gummy for 3 months. Yuck!!! I hope I'm making the best decision as it will be months before I know the ultimate result. Since I have suffered neuralgia for as long as I can remember I'll still have to deal with the niggling pain from time to time. My facial surgery has more or less completely healed but there seems to be quite a lot of numbness and nerve damage which is slowly improving. I have tried to care for my teeth but the real damage was done when I entered my teens and now I blame my intolerance to wheat and the resulting gut inflammation although it wasn't so evident back then.

On a brighter note I am succeeding to get my diet on a better footing. It was so much easier when we lived in our own house with appliances, pantry, work bench and running water all at hand. I guess I am adjusting to what we now have or I wouldn't be able to improve my habits. So far I'm still drinking coffee but it's all black and unsweetened, which I brew fresh each morning. I must admit I do not drink enough plain water or my favourite ginger and lemon infusion. My coffee is fairly weak. I am experiencing an old problem. Acid Reflux. I've had one lot of surgery for this about 20 years ago but when my diet gets too crazy with Nestle cappuccinos, sugar and wheat/baked products it comes back to avenge me.

That's a bit of a wake up call as it's not fun waking in the middle of the night nor is it fun when swallowing becomes difficult.

Arthritis has become a bit of an issue too with aches and pains and little yelps when I bang my thumb or other affected parts. This pain vanished after I became 100% wheat free so I have lots of incentive to make this work.

I've also been too lethargic to make the change until my discomfort became stronger than my laziness. It becomes a vicious circle. One that is very hard to break especially when you live in a not so food friendly zone. My son and his wife are pretty good but there are always things around to tempt. I just have to turn a blind eye to them.

It hasn't been a simple change to make. I don't have the energy to put into it that I once had .... the good news is that each day I grow a little bit stronger. Yesterday was almost 100% clean. I did have a half slice of a bread roll at lunch yesterday. Totally unnecessary but for a while I felt as though I needed something starchy with my egg. Next time I will be better prepared. Did you know you can toast a slice of kumera, (sweet potato) as a replacement for bread toast? Sounds yummy. 

I've got a long way to go to be a fat burner as I once was but that is my ultimate goal. I suppose I'm trying to put together all the stuff I have learned about diet and exercise and how my body responds, with the reality of our environment.

I have hopefully organised myself so that there will be lots of healthy smoothies in the immediate future. A few months ago I purchased What the Fat? a book by 3 New Zealanders. A professor of human health, a dietitian and a  chef. I am using it as a foundation to my menus.

I have been through my records and I think my lowest most recent weight was 3 years ago in September 2013. My weight stalled for a long time then some of the foods which should have stayed off my menu began to creep in. With Life/Family Issues and feeling unsettled about moving and now 'in waiting' to be able to choose our next home, I began to stress eat and not be careful with my choices. Today I have about 12 kg or 27 pounds to reach that lowest number again, which is somewhere around 80 kg or 175 pounds.

I'm not measuring anything be it my own weight, carbs, portions or ketones. It will be interesting to see how this goes. My only measure is general health and well being and the fit of my clothes. I have one pair of jeans which will not fit until I have lost that poundage. I'm thinking I may not try to reach my ultimate goal weight, which is around 60 kg or 132 pounds. It all seems quite ridiculous now that I'm heading toward my 80th birthday. Okay! I'm only 77 but we all know how long it takes to lose a pound or two let alone 30 of the darn things.

The real measure for me will be the benefit of moving more freely and feeling generally healthier. I'll also feel more comfortable in my clothes and have better choices. Surely this equates to growing older gracefully. 

Yesterday's food included:- for breakfast - nutty granola with plain yoghurt and sweetened whipped cream; lunch - omelette with ham cheese, and broccoli; dinner - pork steak spoonful of potato and broccoli with a dash of butter. and a small snack of cheese and 3 or 4 pretzels. My servings were all small to modest and I think this morning I'm starting to feel slightly better than yesterday.

This morning I will have chia seed with coconut cream and a little whipped cream with a nutty granola sprinkle. The rest of the day depends on how I feel. I have some smoothie ingredients lined up.

Time for breakfast and then a shower before I run out of time.


Gypsy said...

Everyone has a different answer for some of the common problems we face, but I no longer have terrible indigestion since I take 2 capsules of turmeric daily. If I wake up in the middle of the night with indigestion, I mix a bit of apple cider vinegar with some water and drink it - it works almost instantly. I don't measure anything especially in the middle of the night, but I'd say a couple of tbsp ACV to about 1/2 glass of water. If it is too strong add water until it is palatable.

I've tried to go on a very low carb, low sugar diet but the carbsand sugar creep back in. So I think the answer is to just try eating less of them and don't worry about it!

JO said...

Hope all goes well at the dentist today. Yes trying to stay on a healthy diet is quite hard boy do I ever know that.

Retta said...

Offering prayers for your swift healing!