Monday, 2 November 2015


I've been in a mild panic for the last two days. I cannot find the quilt which heads my blog. Every cupboard and storage hidey hole has been emptied over the last 10 days, and I have not seen it. Finally at some point today I began to think I took it to Christchurch on our last trip in June/July, leaving it there. How I hope that is so. It's all hand stitched and I'm still quilting it. I also have two other quilts with me that need to be finished. I wonder how much time I will really have. Our daughter-in-law's parents are both in hospital with different age related problems. We have been booked to baby-sit our grand-daughter several hours a day as Amanda has been offered a temporary part-time job. I think we will have quite a busy time.

 Here is the website for our family Beach House (Mum's house).

Today has been a less busy for me. I finished sorting and packing house stuff this morning.

I separated quilting projects into two piles. A small one of things I am taking with me now. And the rest labelled, 'First out of the storage shed.'

The house is reasonably clean and tidy. Our daughter is going to live here for the first week. After that we have a 'house/cat-sitter' coming for the next 4 weeks. Jane will be responsible for leaving the house ready for the sitter.

I did finally get to walk around the garden and do a couple of things. The rest our daughter and the house sitter can see to. I was shocked to see how many annual plants had died from lack of water. We've had a few good showers but clearly not enough to compensate for the constant cold winds.

Now I must go and finish packing my bag. We'll be leaving home by 7 am. I like to be up a good 2 - 3 hours prior. otherwise I tend to get quite car sick. Getting up early is not normally an issue but I am so tired I have really struggling.

I'm off to pack my case before John becomes agitated. He is an early packer. I am a last minute packer and it scares him silly. He has been marvellous. He's just kept on and on like the energiser bunny. But I have run down.

I just have to make my legs work and get out of this comfy chair.

Next post will be from Christchurch.


Gypsy said...

I hope you can find a little time to settle in and relax when you arrive in Christchurch. The physical exhaustion is bad enough, but when you add the mental exhaustion to that you just have to give yourself time to relax and get your energy back.

I am so amazed at the quilt i your blog header. My grandma quilted probably hundreds of quilts, all by hand. When she was in her late 80's someone gave her a small quilting frame that she could hold on her lap. Still did everything by hand though. So I know what kind of work went into your quilt.

Judith said...

Gypsy is so right, you need to find some time to rest and restore your energy and peace of mind. Good luck and good wishes for all these changes! I hope everything goes well.

Lynda said...

Enjoy your time in Christchurch. Relax and I hope everything goes well with all the house sales going on for you. Let the next chapter of your lives begin :)

Retta said...

Been sick, so got behind reading. And was checking in on your OTHER blog, and didn't know til today about all the exciting goings on lately! I am beyond happy for you that you can finally make plans, explore dreams and consider options that you've had to wait on for so very many many years!! I, too, hope you both find the time to get some rest and relaxation. We want you all spunky and energetic for this new phase of your life. :-D