Monday, 9 November 2015


Best laid plans and all that.

1. Our house sale fell over when the buyers admitted they did not have finance as indicated. Disappointed but not devastated.

2, Arrived at our son's home in Christchurch to find his Father-in-law critically ill. He'd had another stroke and lived until this Saturday, November 7th. 

3. Son's mother-in-law went home from hospital on Friday, 8th with a catheter and home care not fully organised. I think that is sorted out now.

4.John and I caught the tummy bug that was being shared around the household. We were out of action for 2 days and I still feel queasy from time to time.

5. John has begun the process with a new dentist and will have all his teeth removed in about ten days time.

6. My appointment with the optician postponed until later this week. I really need magnifying glasses in addition to the ones I have. I want them for reading and especially sewing.

7. A few night's ago our daughter-in-law had to 'rescue' the son of one of her best friend's. It reads like a soap opera. The Boy had got into bad company while living with his mother in the North Island so came to Christchurch to live with his birth father whom he refers to as his donor parent and our D-I-L as Doofus. Son and father had the inevitable row and Father called the police. The Boy, who is 18 years old and really a nice kid, became homeless at 10 pm one night last week. Our D-I-L is acting mother and sorting out his finances and offering him a permanent home. 

Edit: oops! I meant to edit that sentence.Yes you have the correct family. And it's our D-I-L who calls the boys father a Doofus.

Now there are 6 adults and a baby in this one bathroom house. 

Things are now settling down to normal except for the funeral tomorrow.

It sounds crazy and I guess it was for a few days. Now that our D-I-L's father has died the uncertainty and waiting are over. We were on our way to the airport last Tuesday when we learned the house sale was in jeopardy. 

We are putting off our decision on what to do next for a few days while we get our minds more settled.

It continues.........

8. Today we go out to the prison for what we hope will be our eldest son's final Parole Board hearing. We expect him to be given a release date although it could be as far away as May next year due to accommodation issues. A release date is important as it gives him the opportunity to apply for 'Work to Release,' another step along the road to a normal life.

9. My 'Lost' quilt is not here. Hopefully I had stored it away about 2 months ago when Daughter Jane and I sorted out the shambolic store-room cum spare bedroom before getting our house ready to list with the Real Estate Agent. I hope I can find the quilt when we go home in December. I would be devastated to lose it after working on it off and on for more than 10 years.

Dreams and options are still being explored. It's only a matter of time, and two houses being sold. The waiting to get on with the changes to take us into the next phase of our life will be over in good time.

I feel so much happier, here in Christchurch. It doesn't really make sense to me.... a lover of small towns and rural lifestyle, yet I love being in this city and always have.

So far this week we have dates on nearly every day.

Today, Monday. Parole Board Hearing.
Tuesday: Funeral
Wednesday: Teeth for John, Eyes for me.
Thursday: Nothing yet.
Friday: Eldest and youngest son's birthdays. They will be 51 and 40 years old respectively.
Saturday: Prison visiting and our son's 40 th Birthday BBQ.
Sunday: Our middle son's 45th Birthday.

We have flights booked to return to Auckland and our house at Matarangi on December 8th. Still not sure whether we will return south before or after Christmas. When we do we will drive down. To some extent our timing depends on getting a cheap fare for the Ferry crossing, Wellington to Picton, and being able to afford at least 3 night's motel accommodation. The cheapest Ferry fares are around $250.

We also need to work out how we are going to pay for the maintenance on the Old Purple Bus. We were counting on having the proceeds from the sale of our house.

Right now we are enjoying watching our wee grand-daughter totter around the furniture happy as can be. It's a new experience for us having to keep remotes. cups, books and so many other things that little hands love to clutch. out of reach. 

Thanks for keeping up with me .... because sometimes it's even too hard for me to keep up with me*:) happy


Anonymous said...

Huh. First, I'm not getting your feed. I found this post while I was over visitng Loretta--and then saw that you had previous osts that didn't show on my list. I'll add your URL again.

Now. This post. Whew! I felt like i was in the middle of a whirlwind just reading it! All will be added to my prayer list, that's for sure.

About the DIL and the friend's son. I may have gotten mixed up in the reading, but you're referring to your 40 year old sons wife, right? the one whose father just died? If so, she certainly seems to have her plate full!!!!

And why would the boy call your DIL Doofus? Especially since she is trying to help him? Hmmm... Of course, that might just qualify her as deserving the name. She needs to go cautiously there, friend. This teen was in trouble while living with Mom--don't buy that bad company story as the whole problem--he disrespects his father (Who may well be a jerk, but not a big enough jerk for the mom to send her son to him which makes one wonder just how badly was this boy behaving),ended with a fight bad enough for the police to be called--and now someone he calls Doofus is taking him in. Again, tread gently.

At least, caution your DIL to document everything she does in regard to her efforts with his finances and their interactions.

Praying for you and yours!


Gypsy said...

Wow, your cup is certainly overflowing. I think putting things down in a list might go a ways to keeping you focused. I had to smile when I read about 6 adults and a baby and one bathroom. Reminds me of how I grew up (5 younger brothers and 2 sisters), and how I lived the first 13 years of my marriage (3 sons and 1 daughter) - just one bathroom. We didn't do so badly, and some of the stories make for a lot of laughter at family get-togethers.

I'm sorry to hear about the sale of your house falling through, but everything happens in good time, and you will sell it at the perfect time for you. Good luck with your eyes - I wish I knew what to do about mine.

Jackie Birch said...

Busy busy busy..... Hope the house sells soon. Thinking of you as you go through a busy and not so great week <3

Chris H said...

Sorry to hear your house sale fell through, been there 3 times already! It really sucks. I hope all goes well and you do sell... and by the sound of it move to Christchurch. Enjoy your darling Granddaugher, and I hope everything else goes well this week.