Thursday, 29 October 2015



Written on Tuesday, November 27th. Edit.. this must be a statement about my overloaded brain... Date October 27th

It's hard to believe our small house contained so much.

Most of our china, books, DVDs, CDs, Photos are packed.

I am labelling boxes for Christchurch in red.

Jane's will have black labels.

Some boxes will be labelled IMPORTANT. Those are the things we will take south with us whether or not we have our own home to move into. Most of those boxes contain patchwork quilting and sewing supplies. *smiles*

Tomorrow the Mobile Diesel Mechanic calls at 7am. I'll have to get dressed instead of mooching half the day in my fluffy PJs. Where we live in the immediate days after the sale on this house is settled is completely dependent on the mechanic's diagnosis. Edit.... The mechanic has been and is reasonably confident he can do what we want within budget. There is a question about whether he has time to get the bus off our section in time but we'll worry about that at the end of November.

We have too many options right now. We would like to be more settled in our minds. This uncertainty is not very comfortable.

Option 1. Stay with our daughter in her rented bach. (Small holiday home). We know it will be very crowded over the holidays as friends are coming to stay.

2. Drive back to Christchurch in our car with whatever we want to take with us. Our son has a sleep-out which we use as a 'Granny Flat.' This is the most likely.

3. Become nomads again in our 'Old Purple Bus. And that is the one we both want but..... will the bus be up to it and when will it be fit to take on the road again?

4. Live in my Mum's house which is waiting for a buyer. I don't see this as a suitable option for a variety reasons.

Hopefully by tomorrow night we'll be closer to a definite plan. Edit...No Change on this

Tomorrow I hope to finish packing fine china except for our everyday stuff. We have also designated Wednesday, Packing for Christchurch day. Normally I pack my case on our last day at home. This time I think it will help me sort out clothes I want to keep and continue wearing and the things I have saved but am unlikely to wear. Edit.... done except for the clothes we are using and things still hanging in the wardrobe.

More boxes will be packed for the Op Shop. This morning John took a car load into town. It's strange. I cannot see many gaps left by the things we have sent away. I guess most of it was hidden away in wardrobes and drawers. This is happening about 3 times a week. Hopefully we are close to the end of this process.

Wine and banana cartons are my favourites. The shredded journals are amazing. It took most of the stress out of packing breakables.

 Thursday will be a quilting Day if my friend is able to come out from town. It now looks as though I will be finishing the gift quilt, which is our Whitianga Quilt Group's 2015 Challenge, in Christchurch. Judy is going to help me work out where I am going with it. Edit... that's today! Bless her heart. Judy cleaned lint out of my sewing machine, changed the needle and began the quilting then decided to take it home and complete the quilting and even put the binding on. Hopefully I'll get it back on Monday so I can take it with me to put the label on and stitch down the binding. I will acknowledge the collaboration on the label.

Today I finished hand stitching the binding on a table runner which is really for the dressing table in what was my mother's bedroom. My mitre corners are atrocious. I need to do some practice and learn to do them properly instead of my own version. I'm happy with the way it looks on the right side but it doesn't stand up to the kindest inspection.

And that still leaves me with quite a lot of work to do in the Garden. One thing I must do is go through our potted plants. I haven't done much tidying since early June. We had a lot of frosts this last winter and many plants were badly damaged. We've also had more cold winds than usual and not enough rain so the garden is not as lush as a spring garden should be.

Thursday, November 29th. Ummm!! I think it was really October that was biting the dust

Another month about to bite the dust.

We are nervously waiting out the period the sale of our house stays conditional. I understand it is 10 working days for the building inspection and maybe another 5 for everything including finance. Today is only the 3rd working day so it will seem like a long wait. The building inspector came yesterday and said there were a couple of issues but nothing that should hold up the sale. Hmmm! After Mum's house this makes me anxious. Can't wait to see his report.

I am tired. It's raining. There'll not be much gardening for a few days. I plan to have the linen sorted and mostly packed before Saturday is over.

Then there will be very little to do until we return from Christchurch in December. Hopefully the storage place will have an empty unit for us by then.

Here's the table runner which will go on the long mahogany dressing table in what was my mother's room at the Simpsons Beach house. It was made from some left over blocks from a quilt I made last year. The sashing is blue batik and the border and binding from my small stash. The quilting is wonky straight lines across the width.


Gypsy said...

Oh how I know the feeling of such an impossible task as packing up one's belongings. It will get done. I have been through the selling of a house and wondering where I will live, and I don't envy you, yet in a way I ?)do. It's exciting, to say the least.

I think your quilts are beautiful! I don't know where you find the time.

I'd like to know more about New Zealand. I know where it is located geographically, and I know that Christchurch was devastated years back (was it an earthquake?), but not much else except that the people are super friendly.

Merikay MacKenna said...

You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it up. I really don't miss much of what we got rid of. It is liberating to have no house, no storage, and only tote around what we actually need and use. Still have a few boxes stowed in the rig that could be done without. One thing I have to choose son is which serving bowl to keep. I have four, don't use all at once anyway, actually never more than one at a time so why have I kept them all, just because they fit!

Jackie Birch said...

Sounds like you are doing well with the packing, even though it probably seems never ending at the moment. I really hope you can the purple bus back up and running......... Hopefully the 10 days will be here sooner than later :)