Monday, 26 October 2015


We are almost breathless with the speed our Matarangi house sold. The first viewer, who incidentally walked into the Real Estate office from off the street, put in an almost acceptable offer. We signed an agreed price two weeks later. Now we wait while they do 'due diligence.' Settlement date is December 16th.

Now for the typical way we live. We hang around home doing just enough tidying and cleaning to keep the place looking decent. We don't go out unless it's important and I have spent as many hours sewing as I could manage without wrecking my eyes or my back.

Until something happens and then we are almost always under a time pressure.

Today is Monday 26th and our Labour Day holiday. Normally we would be quietly doing our own thing while all the holiday weekenders hit the road home.

We are at home but nothing quiet about today. In 8 sleeps, November 3rd, we head off to Auckland airport for a trip to Christchurch. We have two important events there before we return home on December 8th.

There has been an ongoing saga for about 3 years as we cleared out my mother's things and sorted through. I still had boxes of photos, letters, linen and miscellaneous which had not been touched. I have given up on the photos and boxed them. One day when I am old and decrepit, (joke), I'll go through them all and save the savable and worthwhile ones. Some photos date back to early 1900s at least and of course many others are a record of my growing up years. Much of the linen is beautifully and painstakingly embroidered. How can I give it away?

We have taken so much to the Opportunity Shops we could have stocked one of our own had we put it all together at one time. Garage sales are not our forte and the population is too small to make it worthwhile.

Our Old Purple Bus has been a concern. It needed a good clean out as it had become a bit of  dumping ground when I needed to find a place for something in a hurry. That is done. The bus is practically empty and John has wiped out all the cupboards.

The mechanic is coming one day this week. His estimate and ability to get the old bus on the road will depend on what we do with it. Currently the clutch has ceased up from lack of use and there will be many other fixes needed. Things we had to put off because we simply did not have sufficient cash to do the necessary maintenance. We would love to be able to drive it again but will have to wait and see.

Inside the house looks a bit of a tip as I did some important sorting. I had saved over 30 years of journalling into exercise books. I thought that one day they would help if I chose to write a book on my spiritual journey. While 98% of what I wrote is probably drivel there was a small amount of content that was hugely personal and family sensitive. I could not just throw them in the recycling bin as they were. We have a small home shredder. I spent hours pulling staple and John has spent more hours shredding. The poor little machine had to take a break periodically to cool down. There is another stack awaiting John's patient attention as I discovered how fantastic the shredded paper will be for packing fine china. Good save but so time consuming.

Today I plan to pack up all the silver tea set, dishes and etceras, books, photos albums, CDs, and DVDs. I have a few things that I need to do in the garden and then there is the SEWING!!!!

Wednesday has been designated packing our clothes for Christchurch and will be our final chance to decide what we keep and what goes to charity, After that our major areas are china and linen.

My brain keeps going into "Overload" as there is a 'what to do with this?' decision every few minutes.

We have a week to pack up most of this house just leaving enough for the house/cat sitter.

We have another week when we return from Christchurch to finish packing, put all the stuff we are keeping into storage, get the old bus off the section, if it has not already been moved, tidy the garden. clean the house and whatever else needs doing to leave this property in good order for it's new owners. I am so happy for them. They have a young family and are buying this to use for a holiday home. Perfect.

After that our plans are indefinite. We might move into the old bus if it is road worthy but John says it will take more than a few weeks. It's old, 1969, and parts are not available. They will have to be restored or rebuilt. We might move into our daughter's second bedroom but that will be very temporary or we might go back to Christchurch for Christmas where we intend to make our permanent home.

It makes my head swirl and I am again breathess at the speed our life is changing. There is a sense of adventure. It is scary as we take this step into the unknown. We have never before had an opportunity to make plans for our future with so little encumbrance. This will be the first time since we decided to marry that we have no responsibility except for ourselves.  When we married we were planning for our future and a family was top of the list. Now our family are grown. We have no obligation to them. Having written that, we are still family orientated and they figure high up the list in our decision making. But it is a different feeling.... we are supporting them in their chosen lifestyles, not responsible for them. That makes me smile.

At last. I can draw breath. Or future is ours to plan.

There is also lots of waiting. We will not be buying our own home until the family house, Mum's house at Simpsons Beach, is sold. I need the cash from my inheritance so we can be mortgage free.

That house is now listed and the Agents brought the first viewer yesterday, Since that house is in a different price bracket to our house at Matarangi it will be interesting to see how long it takes to find a new owner.



Judith said...

Wow! I'm anxious just reading all that. Good luck!

Lynda said...

I am so excited for you!! Will you live in the bus or your Mum's house after your place is sold? How wonderful.

heyduke50 said...

Congrats on the contract now here is to hoping all goes well and you get the deal closed...

Jackie Birch said...

Awesome news on the house, will be in touch soon :)