Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Our beautiful daughter-in-law sent me this. It made me laugh on a day that went from pleasant to fraught and awful. It was very upsetting for me.

As I have grown older, I've learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.

I managed to get though it and even sleep last night. This morning, thanks to my sister-in-law I think the fire is quenched.

My mother's house is nearly ready to be re-listed for sale. It's taken over a year to get the building certificate or Code of Compliance Certificate completed. This was not a necessity when the house was built in 2000. In the meantime my brother and his wife have done a great job of redecorating and taking the house out of the 'pretty tired old lady,' look and given it a more neutral but still family beachy look.

I am very frustrated by the way my photos look and I am blaming Windows 10. I think I need to get some one on one tuition.

along the south boundary
facing the west and part of what you see when you drive in off the road
Just for the record this is our easterly,(front) view

 downstairs small twin bedroom
downstairs living
main bedroom downstairs

2nd bedroom downstairs

upstairs living

front upstairs full sea/beach views

upstairs studio with ensuite

Look hard and you'll see some of the quilted patchwork cushions I've made over the last couple of months. Now I discover I need to make at least three, maybe four  fairly long table runners. They will be approximately 15 x 52 inches. One for Mum's house and the rest for our house. I have less than 3 weeks so if I'm not bloggin it's because I'm busy sewing or gardening.

We are in countdown to our next trip to Christchurch. Our flights are booked for November 3rd. We don't know when we will be back but all going well not before New Year. There may be someone house sitting and caring for the cats or they might be going to stay with our daughter.

Our house is also listed for sale so we are trying to leave it so that if no-one is here the garden might survive.


Lynda said...

That will be fantastic to get the beach house back on the market and yes, they've done a good job decluttering etc. Also your place, properties are selling well at Matarangi at the moment so good luck with that too. Nice to have an update and enjoy your time in Christchurch.

Chris H said...

Your Mum's home looks lovely, I am sure it will sell fast considering where it is. Our favourite beach when we were growing up and when we took our kids to the beach too. I remember your Mum coming down for a swim often while we were there.
I am also sure your lovely home will sell too... summer is coming and lots of people will be looking for a holiday home, or new place to live, and Matarangi is GORGEOUS too.

Jackie Birch said...

OMG if I had the money I would buy the house, I could set up my nail business there and I would be very happy :)