Sunday, 12 July 2015


The table cover made with 'orphan' blocks from the quilting group, bordered with sea coloured batik sashing, one of my grandmother's woollen blankets for wadding and an old sheet to back it all.

I feel kind of bad that I have never acknowledged comments nor thanked people for taking the time to read and leave encouraging comments.

I do have a few technical problems. My laptop keyboard is caput and I don't think the laptop warrants trying to do anything with it. The laptop has been a disappointment almost from the beginning. I have to be organised to grab John's laptop when he isn't looking. I write on his then add photos on mine then edit on his.

This was written sometime last week .... read to the end to see how things can change.

The time is 3.30 am I went to bed early, after almost falling asleep watching TV and slept for about 3 hours. I could not calm my mind and sleep seemed far away. Perhaps I was too warm. We have winter bedding and some nights we need it but tonight seems very mild even though we are supposed to be frosty at 33'F or 1'C. I love cold nights. These days I am not often up at this hour and I'm sleeping much better than the previous few years but tonight is not going so well. After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours I decided to get up, make a hot chocolate drink and take a look in here. I was shocked when I realised I have not posted anything since last November.

I have been thinking about getting back into my regular blogging habit. It's good to be able to write and I do enjoy reading what other people write too. I have an extensive reading list from weight loss to travel to quilting.

What a lot has happened since I last was here.

The most important thing was the birth of our grand-daughter, Ava-Jane. We planned to be in Christchurch about 2 weeks before she would be born but Ava didn't wait. Her mother had an emergency C-section on 4th Dec. It was all quite chaotic for a while. We continued with our own plans after our daughter chose to go down and help out for the first week. Jane flew home the day after we arrived in Christchurch so our cats had one long lonely night. It was good to be able to help. Amanda could concentrate on caring for her one month prem baby and recover from surgery. Our wee girl has progressed normally and has just achieved two firsts today. Her first tooth and sitting unsupported for about a minute. It's all pretty exciting and we are too far away from her.

We were able to go to Christchurch and have another week with them in March. Amanda came up here for a 10 day visit in June and now we are booked to fly down in two weeks time and stay for a month. Later this year we will be in Christchurch again for Ava's first birthday, We will also celebrate John's 80th, (1st Dec,) and our youngest son, Wayne's 40th, (13th November). It has been dubbed the 121st Birthday Party. we are so blessed to have a daughter-in-law who makes us welcome and even seems to enjoy our company. We certainly enjoy her. She is a treasure.

Wayne and Amanda have converted what was their Baby On The Move show-room and office area into a very nice recreational room with the ex-storeroom becoming a bedroom. This is attached to the garage so we can have independent living, except that there is no bathroom yet. It is beginning to look as though our future may be to live in Christchurch.

I am still sewing like  a woman possessed. Right now I am working hard at completing my first machine stitched quilt. It is not as relaxing as hand stitching but I wanted to complete this quickly. It's to cover Mum's table which has a walnut veneer that needs to be kept protected from the heat of the sun coming through the windows. I'm in a state I never intended to be in. I have two tops basted into their sandwich waiting for me to hand quilt them. My butterfly quilt in the above picture is still unfinished, needing quilting and binding. I have a few small flimsys, a whole lot of bits I want to make into cushion covers and a footstool cover all started or planned in my head. I also have ordered a kitset for a cot quilt which I will be adding to to make a single bed quilt. I wanted to limit myself to one major quilt and some relaxing hand-stitching for evenings. I really wanted to complete each major project before embarking on another. This has become chaotic and I do not function so well in chaos. Maybe that's why I'm writing instead of sleeping tonight.

We are close to Mum's house being ready for the last building inspection and hopefully qualify for the Code of Compliance Certificate and I'll write more about that another time.

Ava-Jane's first visit to the beach, aged 6 months

This morning. Sunday, July 12th.

I thought we were supposed to be sub-tropical. Haha!

The water in the bird bath is frozen. my hands are falling off with cold even though the heater is full bore. Snuggling up in bed until the sun comes over the trees is a very attractive idea. Thank-goodness these cold mornings herald a beautiful sunny day and I think the cold icy wind from the Antarctic has finally given up, for a while at least.

It's just as well I don't try to grow bananas although they are known to grow outside in some places in New Zealand.



Gypsy said...

Ava-Jane is a beautiful baby! Congratulations to your family.

I love the quilt. I want to take some lessons in the fall so I can get started making something.

I'm so glad you are posting again - it's nice hearing about your life "down under".

Lynda said...

Bloomin heck woman... about time you updated!!! Yes, your grand daughter is beautiful, so wonderful for you. John 80?? Wow, he is looking great for his age :)

We were in Matarangi last night and my goodness is was COLD!!!!!!! Good to hear from you and try to update more often :)

Lyn said...

So nice to see a post from you today! I'm glad to read your update. Congratulations on the grandbaby! How sweet!

Jackie Birch said...

Really nice to read this post from you. Will try and give you a buzz soon. Take care and stay warm, it is freezing in Rotorua, especially after the Gold Coast :)

heyduke50 said...

Yes, indeed... congrats on the newborn...