Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Washed and drying in a light breeze

There were times when I thought this would be ugly and just hoped that the sea blues and greens would carry it through. I made random grabs at the orphan blocks and mostly finished them to 12 inch squares. But then I got impatient to finish the whole thing and was not quite as accurate as intended. I did not lay them out properly on a design wall, (my bed or the floor), except for the centre three so had no idea of how well it was working. I just wanted to make it as quickly as possible and get an acceptable cover for the walnut veneer table which was exposed to the heat of the sun coming through windows in a closed up house. I had thrown a blanket over it but various individuals would remove it when they stayed.

It became really heavy to handle and quilting took several days even though I chose very simple diagonal lines about 2 inches apart.

This is the first quilted thing I have made on the sewing machine. Normally I handstitch everything but handstitching was too slow and too hard with the blanket inner layer.

Now I'm making a loose cover for a footstool. It will be quite different to the mishmash of the table cover.

We leave for Christchurch in 6 sleeps.:)

Not much time left and I have about 6 or more cushion covers in progress too. I want to have them available for when my S-I-L comes to dress the house up for sale which could happen while we are away. I must not stress or be disappointed with myself if I don't get half of what is in my head finished.

I'm going to take a bunch of 4 1/2 inch pieces with me so I can make at least 6 alphabet blocks while we are away. That will mean cutting, preparation and gathering up of necessary materials for for one evening at least.

Back now to the sewing machine.


Lynda said...

Well done on the quilt! I love the edging colour too. Have a wonderful time away.

Jackie Birch said...

I love it, the colour everything. Looks so nice just blowing in the wind and sun..... (yeah small things like that amuse me) have an awesome time away :)

MargieAnne said...

Hi Jackie. I seem to have lost your email.

I love seeing things outside, on the line too.

This time next week we'll be cuddling our wee grand-daughter again. Oh Joy.

Time to give John back his laptop Haha! He's being very patient this morning and watching TV instead of his usual Newspapers on line.

Jackie Birch said...

hippygal@xtra.co.nz :)

Chris H said...

Sorry Chick... missed this post!
I've been otherwise occupied lately.
The quilt is stunning... well done on a gorgeous project finished.
I hope Christchurch went well.