Monday, 16 June 2014


Yesterday was my 75th birthday. It didn't make any difference because for most of the last 12 months I translated my 75th year into actually being 75. I felt such an idiot when I realised. I refuse to say I was confused. As one grows older and watches ones friends minds and bodies fail, confusion of the mind becomes a sensitive subject.

We are currently house sitting for our friends at Otama. The top photo was my birthday sunrise gift. Tomorrow we will go home after 10 nights here.

I put aside the quilt top I'm piecing to make a quick and easy tote for another friend, our daughter's closest friend, who had her 50th birthday this weekend. Unfortunately I did not get it finished in time but hope to give it to her today. I did say it was easy ..... well rewind that thought. I had an idea in my head but no pattern. I searched magazines and many hours online, but couldn't find one close to what I wanted to do so had to make it up from start to finish. Every step was a step in faith that I could do this. I pieced and quilted the front and back by hand. I stitched on a pocket and tacked it all together before giving up on 100% hand stitched because a, I had run out of time and b. I didn't think I could make the weight bearing seams strong enough. Yesterday, before we went out to lunch, Jane set up the sewing machine for me.


My intention was to let her do the machine sewing but she went off with her father on another task .... more about that further on, and left me to it. I discovered I could still use a sewing machine and lost my fear. Success! Unfortunately I found that I will have to hand sew the final seam because I cannot contort the bag to fit into the machine. When this is posted I will finish it off and deliver the gift tote on my way to the quilting group.

The tote is reversible and a little smaller than I envisaged. The strappy handle was intended to be longer but this works quite well  think. I think it's a great idea for a gift but I'll need to refine it and hopefully find an easier pattern. I love creating and challenging myself but pattern maker I am not.

This makes three items finished this year and four works in progress, WIPs. I'm learning the lingo.

Last week we had a huge storm. Tuesday night the wind was so strong I never slept. We lost our electricity and that meant no phone, no internet, no TV, no water, (no electric pumps working), no lights. I hoped that Mike had built the house good and strong because we do get these horrible storms every few years. We went home to check our house.... all was well but roads partially blocked and trees down everywhere. The clean-up crews will be busy for weeks. One house near us had some damage from a pine tree which fell on it. At Mum's beach house, where our daughter lives, there was a big crash at 3 am when one of the sheets of balustrade glass was blown out and hit the house. Yesterday John and Jane were able to pick up 98% of the glass. Anything they missed will eventually disappear into the ground as wind and rain wash it down.

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