Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Jimmy Moore has become a hero of mine. I regularly read his blog and have become a member of the Livin La Vida forum. Jimmy has been a huge source of information and I listen to his podcasts It has been amazing to learn from him and his guests. Jimmy is not afraid to talk to people who are different from him including hostile vegans.

A few months ago Jimmy had his latest book, Cholesterol Clarity ... What the HDL is wrong with my numbers, published. This book is great for lay people who want to understand health matters and how nutrition affects our hearts in particular. The great thing about this book is that Jimmy was able to get 29 medical, nutritional and health experts to add to the authenticity of the book. Thanks to a warning from Lynda early in 2012, which I followed up with my own research, neither John nor I have succumbed to our doctor's advice to take statin drugs. John did take a statin for a short time but the side effects together with the research we had done convinced him they are not for him. Jimmy's book is on my list to purchase and give to my doctor along with Dr. William Davis's book Wheat Belly. Both these books are suitable for lay people yet have enough science to give a professional person something to think about.

Jimmy has worked exceedingly hard to get the message out that cholesterol is not the health problem, for most people, that we have been led to believe. He has done countless interviews and was delighted to be invited to participate in this 700 Club health program. I was a little shocked by Pat Robertson's final comments because he clearly does not understand the low carb way of eating that Jimmy Moore used to lose weight and now maintain his weight and stay healthy. There seems to be a general misconception that allows people to call it high protein and thus causes other problems. Those of us who have chosen this way to eat would call it high fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrate. Pat Robertson talked about gout. I wonder what he meant. As soon I began to eat low carb and especially eliminating wheat the aches and pains from arthritis disappeared.

I would never be so arrogant to say that low carb high fat is the only way to lose weight and be healthy but it works for both John and I.

Wishing all who pop in here a really lovely day whether you are doing something you enjoy or not.
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