Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I’m still a little shaken. I woke after another version of my Fear Dream. All ended well but it was scary.

The theme is always something to do with heights. usually I’ve climbed to a high place. The climb always involves a measure of risk. At some point the way down becomes impossible or a leap in faith beyond my physical ability is required. At this point I either wake up in a terrible state or I find an alternative way.

This time the setting was a campus with a few ‘play’ structures. There were some high, square towers which looked like a series of slatted wooden crates stacked to a great height, maybe 60-70 feet/20-23m, standing on concrete paving.. The challenge was to come down them head first using the slats as hand hold and one’s feet to balance and also use the slats as footholds. Crazy thing to do but like all dreams it made sense at the time.

Some of the towers were straightforward in that the slats were evenly spaced but a few had tricky places where the gaps and handholds were hard to get hold of in a safe way. I had done this previously with success. This time I inadvertently chose a tower with tricky spaces. When I reached the hard place and tried many times to work out how to get past and continue my descent. I was aware of the hard landing and was still to high up to risk a fall.

Finally I asked for help …. there were many people around and help was quickly available. Someone anchored my feet and after little time I felt safe enough to try again to make a good, strong hand hold.

I found a hold I was confident with but in the meantime another safety feature had kicked in. The tower unfolded a bit like an escalator and I was on the ground which had become soft grass. Although relieved I felt cheated as though I’d failed the challenge.

What interested me on reflection were two things. First I asked for help and it was there and effective so that I felt safe. The second thing was when I felt safe enough to make a move, suddenly it was all over. What a relief.

To me this dream was all about trusting the support of other people and knowing when to ask for help. There was also that little bit about receiving help and making the next move for myself. This to me represented feeling safe enough to move. Although still afraid I acted on my faith in the help. I trusted others to be there for me and keep me safe while I did what I needed to do.

Considering what has been going on in our lives for the past few months a dream like this is not surprising. A couple of hours have gone by and I’m not so shaky now. Writing this down has helped.


Merikay said...

I had a bad dream just before waking this morning and I can't forget it. I don't think I have ever had a variation on it before.

I was looking at used cars to buy as a towed. I went for a test drive, by myself in one old gray, dusty junker. I made a turn and went into a ditch. Suddenly the car started sinking. At first I laughed at myself because I was not hurt and I thought how embarrassed I was going to b calling a tow truck.

But the car kept sinking and I realized I could not get out and I was going to be buried alive in black muck. The window was open but I didn't fit thru and couldn't open the door.

Then I woke up.

Rettakat said...

Well! I am amazed at the "coincidence" of your dream and the post I put up very early this morning, about 1:30am my time here in Oregon. Regardless of the time differences, you were probably asleep as I was making my post, so that's interesting, to say the least.

What I didn't say in my post, was that I have had problems in the past with fear of heights... to the point of having full blown panic attacks. So it was meaningful to me to say "take a leap of faith" off of a cliff!!

I believe there can be messages for us at times in our dreams... God can give a word to us or a piece of wisdom thru them. Sounds like that has happened for you here. :-)

Joy said...

Wow that is an amazing dream! I'm glad you were able to get something from it. I've had reoccurring dreams before. They are always about looking for lost items. I will actually get out of bed and look for them. Makes my Hubby crazy!!

Keep focused!

JC said...

Love that you shared your dream. I usually can't remember enough of mine to recall them in detail. So glad that you can reflect and find meaning in yours. Sorry, I've gotten behind on my blog reading. Your Mum is an inspires me to keep on keeping on in that she was going to the ocean at 89. WOW. I know you miss her very much. Beautiful flower arrangement.

Lyn said...

hi MargieAnne :)

I was a little worried about you with no updates until I saw your Hawaii blog. Very nice pictures and I hope you are having a lovely time!