Thursday, 5 January 2012


Yesterday went pretty much as planned. We left Rotorua in the middle of the day after doing a little house cleaning for Greg. We arrived at the Whitianga New World SuperMarket at 4pm. We did the trip in excellent time in spite of nose to tail holiday traffic. Many of my thoughts revolved around the idiocy, ours in particular, of travelling on the narrow, winding Coromandel roads at this time of year. Too many city drivers have no idea how to drive safely on our roads, I find it a white knuckle experience during summer holidays…… which for me means mid November until after Easter.

We did our shopping quickly then joined the queue for the check-out. Not so quick. At least 30 minutes. One day we will re-locate and it will not be to a holiday destination!

At Mum’s we organised our groceries filling up their fridges. Then I cooked dinner as I’d promised Jane I would. Mum likes lamb but her food needs to be super tender and cut up. I browned shoulder chops and removed them from the pan to caramelise onions. I tossed the chops back in and poured mint sauce over them and let them cook slowly for about 45 min. I fiddled around a bit with the minty gravy until I was happy with the seasoning and was pleased it didn’t need thickening. All were happy with a tasty meal and there was enough left over for tonight which is good as Jane has a long work day.
i enjoyed not having to get in the car again to drive home. We slept in Jane’s bed and Jane put a mattress on the floor under Mum’s Christmas tree.

Now for today … almost the complete opposite. We left Mum’s about 10 am after giving her morning tea. Ten minutes later, on the Kuaotuna Hill our car stopped having lost all drive. We were very glad it happened at a slow traffic pull off and the car had just enough momentum for John to get it pulled in. This is a narrow road with tight, blind corners.

There we sat looking at each other in horror. We only had 6 hours to get the house ready for our next paying guests. How could we possibly manage when we were broken down 20 minutes from home with a car full of stuff.

Thank God for cell phones. We called roadside recovery and managed to get sorted with a pick-up truck. I called Mum and she sent my niece, (visiting on holiday), to pick me up. At this point we really weren’t sure what we were doing. I waited at Mum’s and eventually John called me. I borrowed Mum’s car and drove to the tow truck storage place. Their yard is close to being full of broken cars. Their business is full on at this time of year.

We had to unload all our stuff from groceries to dirty laundry into Mum’s car and set off again for Matarangi. We were pleased to find the house tidy so we got stuck into cleaning with a very short break for lunch. We had less than 3 hours  before our new guests arrived. Somehow we made it,
We bought extra towels Rotorua and I washed and dried them at Mum’s last night. I’m so thankful we did this because ….. it’s still raining, or at least too damp to get things dry. We are slowly building up our linen stock but I’m not yet satisfied we have a complete spare set for all rooms. Our car is full of laundry and I see a trip to the laundromat tomorrow. We are getting fine patches with mugginess, sticky humidity. Rain and plenty of it forecast over the next few days.

Our guests arrived as I was doing some finishing touches. We welcomed them and went into the bus to collapse.
I am very thankful to God that these folk are not so ‘precious’ that they don’t want us on the property.

That was not the end of our day. Remember we had the car loaded from our holiday in Rotorua. We perched on the only free space in the bus and had cold drinks before trying to find places to put all our stuff. No wonder the bus needs a major clean out.I’m ready for bed … but not before I’ve taken pain relief and extra tablets to help prevent cramp.

I can’t believe we managed so well and what’s more we’re not, or at least I’m not, worrying ourselves silly over the car. I believe our calmness and peace are largely due to my determination to trust God and spend time praising and thanking Him regardless of difficulties.

The problem with the car seems to be the transmission. We don’t really have sufficient funds to do major repairs and we aren’t in a position to buy a another car either. Joy!

Life seems to be full of adventures and challenges. At least it’s not boring or dull.

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Chris H said...

I think boring and dull are better than major car expenses!
But, I'm glad you are handling it all so well girl!
Good for you and your positive attitude.