Monday, 12 December 2011


A really big THANK-YOU to everyone who left a comment on yesterday's post.  Your kindness is truly appreciated.

I have amazed myself the last few days. We missed out on normal spring planting by being away in Christchurch in October/November. We came home to a dehydrated garden. Gradually we managed to get the soil to hydrate and now we have rain ,,, just what we need. I've planted out lots of annual flowers. At least the little flower bed is starting to look pretty. We also bought a funky glass birdbath. We're yet to find out whether it will get too hot in the sun and burn the little birdies feet. That would be awful.

There's no point in trying to grow veggies now since they need attention I won't be able to give them over the next couple of months. I've also begun a native shrub border. About 1/4 is complete/ The next stage won't happen for 6 months, maybe late autumn.

A few years ago strong wind blew down part of our paling fence. I loved the openness of the gap but we needed to do something about it. It has taken 3 years to make up our minds. We have replaced a section of the 2m/6foot fence with a low trellis. I'm looking forward  to seeing some climbing plants scrambling over it and we still have the sense of being open. Jasmine and clematis would be nice. Must take some photos of John's handiwork but too wet today. He is also organising some irrigation for the driest and most needy spots.

Then I amazed myself by making curtains for the old purple bus. The original ones were water stained and splitting from too much sun. They looked awful but we put up with them because we weren't sure whether or not we wanted to spend any money on it and I don't sew. That was an executive decision. Once home sewing became unnecessary I gave the sewing machine to our daughter.

 I used to sew a lot. I made all my own clothes and our children's.
The curtain material is sage green. Not what I'd  have chosen if I'd had oodles of cash to spend but they work and the package of 14 metres fabric, curtain tape and thread cost about $90. A Bargain. I can hardly believe I finished the curtains in less than a day although I still have two small ones to measure up for. I might need to buy another metre of curtain fabric.

I'm very proud of my sewing today. The thought of using a sewing machine sends my blood pressure sky rocketing. I had to borrow our daughter's sewing machine and my first task was to try and remember how to use it. For the last 20 or more years I've preferred slow sewing. I enjoy relaxing with needle and thread. There's time to think and less to unpick if there's a mistake. I have never been happy with my sewing machine skills. There weren't many things that came out as I wanted them to. Hand sewing is so satisfying. But today everything went smoothly, No broken needles, no tangled thread or bobbin jams and I threaded the needle without resorting to bad words,

That deals with two major items on my To Do list. We have guests coming into our house on Friday for 6 days so lots of housework to do and we pack up and sleep in the bus. I'm hoping to stay with my Pauanui friends for the weekend.


Kate said...

wow you are a woman of many talents Margie Anne, hope we get to see some photos of the bird bath and also the new curtains in the bus xox

Chris H said...

Well done with the sewing mate. I am sure your bus will look great with new curtains.
I look forward to some photos of the new fencing... I can picture the 'gap' still...lol.

Rettakat said...

Pampas grass! Is that on your property? It's one of my all time favorite plants, bringing back lots of memories from when I was a kid. :-)