Friday, 16 December 2011


Today's photos were taken a month ago at Kaiteretere. On our way back from Christchurch we stayed overnight in Nelson. There was plenty of time for a drive to Motueka before driving to Picton and the Interisland Ferry. There has been an incredible amount of rain in the area over the last few days causing road damage and serious flooding. Many homes have been damaged. The day we were there was beautiful and the sea a gorgeous clear turquoise.

The sun shone today so we were able to get all the things done we like to do to prepare our house for holiday guests.

The house is squeaky clean and we got all the laundry dry. I don't have a dryer so there is always a bit of anxiety when we have a dead line on getting washing dry and it rains.

We had so much rain it's a wonder none of my newly set out plants didn't float away. 

We are living in the Old Purple Bus and can hardly move. I'm ashamed of the state I've let it get into. I do hope we have some sunny days next week so I can throw everything out on the lawn and sort and discard and re-organise. I like to have a place for everything and that place must be accessible. Currently stuff is on top of stuff and I have no idea what there is underneath.

I can hardly believe Christmas is next weekend. I'm not ready!

I feel as though I've stumbled from one week to the next with no thought for the future and now it's caught up with me. Somehow we'll celebrate well but I think our daughter is going to carry most of the load this year. 

We'll finalise things this weekend. Tomorrow is shopping but not Christmas shopping. After shopping we'll visit with Mum and Jane and sort out Christmas plans. 
Sunday I'll probably go to church and leave John and Jane to make space to sort out Mum's garage in preparation for all the stuff our youngest son is bringing from Christchurch at New Year. When we first packed up to live in the bus, 10 years ago we boxed stuff I thought we should keep but had no room for in the bus. All this stuff ended up at our eldest son's place. We decided we needed to bring it home and sort it out. Mum's is the only place where we can make enough space. Stuff seems so important yet it most certainly is a problem. What will I do with my Grandmother's 12 setting dinner set? 

Stuff is a responsibility I don't want and there are too many decisions to be made. I understand why families who can, put stuff in the attic generation after generation. That's not a luxury open to us.

We're tired and bed is looking good. 'night, 'night.

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