Thursday, 4 August 2011


I'm crabby. Not nice to be around, even for me.

Today is not as bad as yesterday.

During the last week I began to get our garden sorted out. It's not a large garden but the weather seems to have been wet for months and I'd let things go. Another example of order turning back to chaos. I began to run out of time as I could only manage a small amount each day and we had a wonderful day out on Monday so if I wanted to finish the main patch I had to WORK at it on Tuesday. But ... Tuesday we were booked to move into Mum's house for a couple of weeks while our daughter is away on holiday.

Amazingly I got it all done. The patch is finished. So many thoughts running through my head as I weeded. All around the lines of letting things go and what hard work it is to restore order before anything new can be added. I quite like the emptiness of cleared out ground but of course I don't want to leave it like that. I'm going to fill it with as many gaily coloured flowers as I can fit in. I'd like it to have the look of a small tapestry of colour. I finished my laundry, bathed, washed my hair and packed. I did think we would have to buy takeaway for dinner but Mum had some cold corned beef in the fridge so after a short rest I did a few veggies and voila, tea was served. I was so tired and stiff, not fun especially as we are up and down the stairs many times a day.

Wednesday I suffered and not too silently. My shoulders and neck ache from pulling out strongly rooted clumps of grass. Last night I slept with the aid of pain relief but ..... before I went to sleep I did a whole lot of reading and caught up on my list in Google Reader. Today I have a sore throat, not unusual for me after a late night. The sun is shining, the tide is high and a small surf is pushing the sea to within 40 metres/yards of where I'm sitting in the downstairs living room.

I had planned to go shopping but I think I'll leave it as I already have an appointment for tomorrow and I can do grocery shopping after I've had my hair cut. I want to begin buying flowering plants and it's a whole lot easier to do that without John looking over my shoulder. I'll go back home for a few hours on Saturday to continue the good work.

I'm not eating to lose weight but at least I'm ready to be a little more active. I can see a walk on the beach later as the tide recedes. I think it's time I got serious about Lean For Life again. It is a program that works and I've allowed myself to be seduced away from it by reading too many blogs about lifestyle, healthy living, not depriving oneself and so on and on.

Deb and Rettakat are doing something I need to do. They are facing the music and re-learning not to compromise. It's the little things that disarm and disable. I've never felt so well in years as when I followed Lean For Life. It is certainly a bit of a pain sometimes but surely that's a small cost to feel well. I was never deprived, just had awkward moments sometimes when travelling or at celebrations. Staying on plan was always do-able but it did take a little extra effort and planning on some occasions. I can do it and I will again. Getting my head in the right space to take the initial steps is part of the process.

I'm turning the my chaos into order.

Here I come and in a few days time you should see me on the Carb Conquest Cruise with my friends Deb and RettaKat

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