Sunday, August 7, 2011


For many years I wrote inspirational verse. I seem to have lost most of them but today I was cleaning up and discovered these. Maybe there is someone reading here who needs the encouragement and comfort right now.

I seem to have lost this creative gift temporarily. I need to stir it up once more.


Today I cannot see your hands,
Today your hands seem far away,
But I know your word says;
That you uphold the fallen with your hand,
So today from this place of pain and fear,
With hope, yet trembling for the pain to come,
I give myself into your hands.

I trust that you are there,
Being child-like in this trust,
Believing in your word.

I don’t just yield myself into your hands,
But with all my heart, my mind, my soul,
I trust the hands I cannot see,.
I trust the hands I cannot feel,
And I believe that in your hands
All will be made right.


Just walk that path I have chosen for you my child,
I  have fullness of joy waiting for you,
A place of life and light,
Joy and gladness,
Serving and loving;
But first you must tread the dusty way,
The way of weariness and tears.
This is the path I have chosen for you,
Do not despair,
Do not be lonely for I am with you;
I am always your friend to guide,
Strengthen and comfort;
Do not feel condemned or rejected,
For I, the Lord have chosen this path.

My purpose is deep within your spirit,
I would not have called you to walk such a path,
If I did not deeply love you,
And know you better than you know yourself,
So trust me, my child.

Your praise and your thanks in the midst of tears,
Are a precious melody,
Encourage that melody my child,
It is a sweet perfume to me,
Like the alabaster box of precious ointment.

Oh, anoint my feet with your praise,
Praise mingled with tears my child,
Is not embarrassing to me,
For I know the heart.
Let me work my will in your life,
For I have precious jewels for you,
I desire to polish them,
To make them glow,
To reveal their beauty;
But I need your permission to work.

Don’t resist me my child,
Tears from the heart are my gift,
 Trust me and no harm will befall.



You are in a hard and difficult place,
I am not unmindful of your struggle;
I am with you in this place,
Nothing is too hard for me,
And I will not forsake you.

You do not know the path before,
But I have been there first;
Not only am I with you now,
But I have been before you,
Every footstep has a place prepared;
Be confident that I am with you,
And have prepared a place,
So every step you take,
Will find the place prepared by me.

Be not anxious or afraid,
I understand your nervousness,
I am with you to guide,
I am with you to lead;
The tangled web is not a mystery to me,
For I am your God, your shelter,
I am your protector, and your strength.
Trust in me,
For I will lead you through,
The path is plain before me,
The steps, each one,
Have been prepared by me,
All I ask is that you trust me.

I understand your fears,
Your nervousness,
Your discomfort in the darkness,
I understand your need, your desire,
To walk only where you can clearly see,
I understand your reluctance
To walk in this darkness,
But I will be your light.

The only way to overcome your fears,
Your dread, your nervousness,
Your anxiety,
Is to keep your eyes fixed on me,
For I alone am the light,
The lamp which guides you.

I'm sorry the random selection of photos is not more attune to the poems. I have 'flu brain. The Carb Conquest Cruise is delayed and I'm not too happy about that.


Phyllis said...

It would appear to enjoy writing. Your blog, your poems. I bet you even like writing letters. So, let the words flow.

Love that last picture of the car and balloons!

Anonymous said...

I wept as I praised this morning. (I wish the tears were only about my eyes...)

Your words were a gift from God to me. A confirmation of the message He spoke to my own heart as He and I dwelt together.

Thank you.


Chris H said...

You 'Comfort' is very like a verse I know very well:
"Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions:....."

And I'm NOT a religious person!!! But that chapter from John (14) has always stayed with me?

Rettakat said...

Thank you so much for sharing these, MargieAnne. Especially "Comfort", seemed to speak to me.

When I first started to read your post, I thought, oh how nice, a poem, la la la, I'll just quickly read it, leave a comment and scoot off.

Well... God stopped me right in my tracks, and the tears are flowing, and I feel wrapped up in the Fathers love. Thank you for posting these.