Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We have been at Mum's for the last 7 nights and will probably stay 2 more. Our daughter is home from her holiday but she works the next two days and I'm not up to travelling backwards and forwards although I long to go home and the comfort of our own bed and recliner chairs. Not that this house is uncomfortable but we are better in our own house.

I've had a flu-like cold the whole time. I worry about passing my bugs on to Mum. We'll have to wait 10 days to be sure she is in the clear. The last thing I want to cope with is Mum being Sick with a capital S.  It has been a very uneasy week with me feeling so scratchy and caring for Mum felt like the last straw. I would never have managed but Jane arranged for respite care before she left and a younger woman has been coming in for an hour 4 times a week. That meant I only had to do Mum's bedroom 3 or 4 times plus all her meals. It was enough.

I am very thankful we insisted on having a lift put in when we built the house. It did cost an extra $15,000. We sleep/live downstairs so there are many trips backwards and forwards, or up and down. I've been taken loads of stuff to relieve symptoms but was still wheezing and coughing with the least exertion not to mention sneezing. I'm one of those people who cannot sneeze quietly so from time to time the re would be a dozen or so explosions. Totally exhausting.

It was a relief to have somewhere to escape from Mum too. Maybe because I am unwell but she just about drove me crazy. All the things she says and does that I've learned to live with seemed to come out full force. Mum hasn't changed but my ability to brush off her her gossipy, nosiness, her criticism and her bossiness seems to have left me.

I have lost my funny-bone where she's concerned. I most certainly could not care for her full time and if our daughter had not come here to live we would have had to look at a retirement home. My sanity is precious.

I must be beginning to recover because I took photos yesterday and went for a short walk on the beach today. I ambled along picking up shells to disguise just how slow I am.

This afternoon I'm happy because I will not be going upstairs and cooking a meat and 3 veggie meal. I'm not sure what I will have but it will be easy and maybe as simple as a piece of toast. Not a good option for someone who is supposed to be preparing for the Carb Conquest but that's very much on hold until I feel well again.


Merikay said...

Your Mum gave you life, but it also seems like she drains it from you.

I learned a lot from my mother in the last twenty years of her life. Mostly how not to be.

Rettakat said...

I'm just glad you are starting to recover. I hope you can get some quiet, stress-free time to yourself, to recharge and allow the Lord to renew your soul. I also think in time it will also recharge your funny bone. ;-)

heyduke50 said...

hope you get better and your Mum doesn't catch it...

Cammy@TippyToeDiet said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, Margie Anne! Being sick and then having to take care of someone else is a big one-two punch. Treat yourself kindly!

Pockets said...

Hope you feel a lot better soon. Come on over and join my site. It is new. Pockets

Chris H said...

I could NEVER be around my Mother for too long either.

She says things without engaging her brain first... which always ends with me being hurt. Mothers eh?
I hope you get home soon.