Saturday, 11 June 2011


Shells at Matarangi. In the last few days the sea has been rough enough to tear up the sea bed and toss up shells by the bucketload.

The following is part of a comment I left on Phyllis's, The Easts Head West, most recent post.

"Reading all the comments is so heartwarming. What a great bunch of people we have come to know in this new age of communication. extra addition - I'm sorry there is not always enough time or energy in a day to comment on all I read. Do you think I have too many Blogs on my reading list? There is another complication that goes with chronic fatigue .... brain fudge, which leaves me with no energy to think, write or type. I can assure you though, that if I follow your Blog I read almost every post.

I'm so glad we both have our faith in God to see us through the difficult days. Days when we wish it was all over and days when we dread that we will no longer have our mothers. Days when difficult decisions must be made and days when we are exhausted by all that goes with seeing that our mothers get proper care balanced with maintaining our own lives as well as we can.

Like you I have a wonderfully supportive husband. John brings me back to reality when I want to run away. Last night I came home to a warm house and dinner almost ready to go on our plates. That's true love."

From Simpsons Beach late afternoon sun catches Shakespeare Cliff. This is a historic landmark named by Captain Cook on his first voyage to New Zealand. It is probably named after a part of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Yesterday went smoothly. The drive there and back which is a chore was made lighter when determined to sing and praise my God most of the distance. The lady who comes in as Mum's carer is young enough to have the energy but mature enough to get on well with Mum and meet her needs appropriately. She told Mum she has been married 19 years. She must have been a child bride as my guess would have put her in her early 30s. She has a slight English accent so that pleases Mum too.

Mum wasn't feeling great but most of that was down to the gout pills.Her wrist had been aching for a few days and since she'd been doing some writing we put it down to that. But then it really flared up with the full blown pain and heat of gout. Mum takes a fairly massive dose of Furosemide, (Lasix), a diuretic, to prevent a build up of fluid from around her heart. This in turn provides a perfect climate for acid build up and gout. The gout pills make her feel quite ill so she isn't interested in eating or drinking and we have to be on the ball with regular cups of tea and tempting food. Making sure she drinks enough is imperative and we also give her electrolytes from time to time.

Pretty reflections from the sunset, remember we are on the east coast. The brisk walker in silhouette is not me. I wish I looked so good.

I have added the photos from my walks at the beginning of the week. Today might stay rain free for long enough since I missed out yesterday I will be disappointed if I miss today as well.

My plan to treat bread and baked goods as an indulgence seems to be working. Both our daughter and daughter-in-law are working at weight loss. We can encourage each other although I feel the need to be very sensitive where Jay is concerned as she can be very touchy with me. I understand that. My mother can trigger the opposite of what she intends in me too.

On a Hurray note. Mum gave me some cash on Wednesday for groceries I had purchased for her. I was so sure I'd put it in my bag but couldn't find it and because I've been functioning like a Zombie I couldn't imagine what I might have done with it. $30 means a lot to us and to displace it was distressing, especially when I began to think I'd posted it with Mum's letters or maybe it had gone out with the trash. This morning I followed what has become my normal morning routine, and got a cappuccino sachet out of the box and low and behold the $30 popped out too. Yay!

One day I will take the time to learn to put my photos through one of the editing thingies and straighten them up. I have come to the conclusion that as I press the button to snap I also tilt the camera. This result s in some hilariously tilted horizons and water running up-hill. Meantime they remain a record of the beauty around us.
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