Friday, 10 June 2011


Fourth day in a row I've had to shake myself awake and go to Mum's in the morning. It upsets my whole system when I have to set my schedule to someone else's timetable day after day. Today Mum has a carer come at 11 am and she helps Mum with showering, particularly rubbing moisturising lotion on her back. We have a new, younger woman and we all have to get used to it.. I have to show her the ropes, Mum is not always clear or good at expressing what she wants. On the other hand she always lets Jay and I know what displeases here.

I will be out of my comfort zone. It's not easy to tell someone what they should be doing and how to do it in front of Mum who still has all her marbles and doesn't like to think she cannot handle a situation. I wish we had trained people but these carers are only given rudimentary instructions.

I am procrastinating right now because I do not want to go. I do not want to drive the car in the rain, over the hill and we are getting fairly heavy rain. I do not want to stand in my mother's house giving a stranger instructions. I am struggling to look after me let alone see that Mum's needs are met. I cannot delay getting organised much longer. As soon as I post this I will have to 'suck it up' and get on my way.

Mum has gout in her wrist so there's not much she can do today.

So far I've kept to my plan but there will not be a walk today and I'm trying to think through my food so that I can manage without going way off plan. I haven't lost any significant weight but I have decided weight loss is a bonus this week. Sticking to my plan and establishing a routine that will see me through days like today is more important than fussing about how many calories I am consuming.

9 am and I have no enthusiasm for this day. It can only get better ...... hopefully.


Merikay said...

Having struggled with gout in my ankle and knees at different times, I have great sympathy for your Mum. Diet has so much to do with it! Thing I could always eat can now trigger an attack if eaten to often, or if to many on the list are eaten over several days. then it can take a couple of weeks to treat.

What's on the list? You should know if she has it, but for those who don't and might read this the list includes: Beef, shrimp, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, dried beans, high fat dairy and of course all alcohol!

Kate said...

hang in there Margieanne, before you know it you will be home and you can have a bit of 'you' time. I hate days where when you wake up, you know what is ahead of you for the day and it really is a struggle to get on with it. xox

ladyofthehouse said...

I'm sorry you had a tough day ahead Margieanne! It's so hard when you get up knowing you have things to do that you don't want to. Praying for you and your mom!! ~hugs~
diane :)

Chris H said...

Take comfort in knowing the weather is dreadful here too!
I hope the day has gone well and your Mum's new carer works out.

Phyllis said...

My own Mother is now hospitalized and with talking to Dr yesterday, it is getting to the point of having Hospice assistance. I understand what you are facing. I do hope things get easier for you by having given explicit instructions to the young caregiver.