Thursday, June 23, 2011


A trip down memory lane. Photos from our drive down the Florida Keys in 2005.... specially for heyduke who is currently at Bluewater Key RV Resort. I'm quite envious. It's a fun, fascinating and beautiful area.

We missed out on a photo op at the southern most point of USA because we got lost trying to find a park. The streets were very narrow

I was over the moon when this group of young friends gathered. It was such a normal American thing to do. I guess it reminded me of movies from my youth.

Bike week at Daytona was coming to an end. I was unfamiliar with taking photos while moving. I expected all my photos to be duds so was timid and missed so many better moments.

We were stunned by the variety and beauty of bridges.

We ended our trip through the Florida Keys at Florida City, an unassuming town but everything excited us. We went to the Spice Gardens where I saw the banana flowers. Everything was so new and different. We were a couple of Kiwis abroad for the first time. Well I was.

John had worked on ships, as a junior engineer, for a few years before we married. He'd been through the Persian Gulf on an oil tanker and into Australian ports as well as a very brief day in London before being repatriated First Class on the Rangitata, a Passenger Liner. The company paid 220 British pounds in 1958 because his contract required him, as an officer and a gentleman, to be returned by first class to his port of origin at the end of 12 months. A great experience for a young, (22year old), working class kiwi in the midst of First Class pomp and ceremony. Some experienced travellers were kind enough to teach him many things including how to manage a formal table setting and after dinner rituals.

Back to our topic. We went to our first Walmart at Homestead and ate at the Golden Corral, John liked that, me not so much. We also had our first meal at Applbees which we both enjoyed. We stopped at Marathon where we bought a few groceries and an authentic Key Lime pie. which we enjoyed but not enough to be tempted to buy another.

I enjoyed writing this. Almost dizzy with the memory of my joy and excitement. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would have such a trip. Now I'm hungry for more.


Cammy said...

Oh, I enjoyed these photos so much! I wish my family and I had taken the time to visit the Keys when we were in Florida earlier this year, but we did the Everglades instead.

Here's hoping you get to come back someday!

Malone said...

They Keys are a truly magical place, I'm so glad you got to see them, and shared your memories with us. Now someday I would like to see your magical place!

heyduke50 said...

we are so glad we tempted you to revisit those memorable moments... on a side note the southern most point of USA according to the locals is not the true the southern most point of the USA - the actual point is on the military base nearby...