Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I must remember we do not function well when tired. Monday was a very long day. We were up at 6 am and it was midnight before we settled down after the excitement of getting together with our son and his wife and talking and talking.

Normally we would have blobbed out today, (Tuesday, it's just gone midnight here). Our other South Island son had phoned to ask if we would like to go out to his farmlet, (11acres), where the windmill was at last being installed. It was a lovely sunny morning so we decided to pick up something from Subway and have a picnic lunch out there. But we never got there. About halfway there was a bang, a douche of blackish water on the windscreen and lots of steam pouring out from under the car bonnet.

Investigation showed that a hole had been blown through the top of the radiator. We were using an old car that hasn't been on the road for a few weeks but still, or at least used to, runs well. We had to wait a while before D-I-L picked us up. Tonight our rural son picked up the car and has it at his place on his big trailer designed to transport cars. I'm glad it's off the road

I cooked our dinner. The least I could do after being partly responsible for blowing up their spare car and messing up everyone's day.

Finally I'm caught up with Blogs and have good internet. We are on Mobile, (Cellular), wireless and have good signal but one thing I have noticed is that there are times when the internet is so slow it won't even load a page. This tends to correspond with times when there is likely to be heavy internet use. Internet in Christchurch is fragile. The whole city is fragile. We are amazed by the rapid rate of recovery work. High Viz vests are everywhere. You can hardly travel anywhere without encountering some form of road construction. Some stretches are being repaired at frequent intervals because the road gives way again. Christchurch is going to be a long time in recovery.

Be back after I've slept.

I am really tired, not thinking clearly and tomorrow is designated Blob Out Day.


Joy said...

Sorry you had a rough day! Just glad everyone was all right! (At first I thought you had a crash!)So nice your son was able to help you!

I was very tired on Monday as well. I will be writing about it today.

Take care of yourself and stay focused on your health and fitness plan!

Rettakat said...

I hope you get a good rest, and feel better fast.

Chris H said...

I hope you have a lovely blob out day. Wrap up warm and have a nice time ... read a book... or sip some wine!

Phyllis said...

Glad to read that work is progressing quickly in Christchurch.

Wow! You had some really trying moments there.

Take care.