Monday, 30 May 2011


I hope this is set up so it's easy to follow on all computers. I've had a terrible time getting my photos loaded then getting my captions in approximately the right place. At one point Blogger locked up and I thought I would lose everything. I copied it onto MS Office Writer which I totally dislike and it played havoc with html. Since I'm totally ignorant of what this does I just kept playing around until it look OK on my laptop screen. This might be a good reason to try Live Writer once more but last time I installed L.W. it seemed to stall out my laptop completely.

I'm really tired tonight. We spent the day shopping, photo op tripping, visiting Amanda's parents and having our country son visit us for the evening. It's as though suddenly all the things that I planned to spread over two weeks happened on our last day. We will need to be up reasonably early as I still have my case to pack and we must be ready before 9.30 am.

I have been feeling better the last two days but still in some pain from the seat belt bruising. I suspect it will take a few weeks to completely go. It hurts to sneeze and something has triggered a fit of sneezing in the last few hours. At least I had today doing some of the things I wanted to do. We had a chilly frost this morning followed by a beautiful day. I found myself removing layer after layer until I had only a thin top over my bra. It was warmer here than many of our mid-summer days. Right now, nearly mid-night, the fire is keeping the house warm and I'm in my thin nightie and robe. Outside it's beginning to freeze again.

Cranes, diggers, demolition machinery have become the norm in central Christchurch.

The skyline is littered with cranes. This one hovers over the dome on the Catholic Basilica


Historic Canterbury Brewery, red building on the left. We believe the stack on the right is also part of this historuc brewery. The whole complex is to be demolished and beer is being brewed in Auckland and Dunedin.

This was a two storied building before the February quake

A new Park covering a site where buildings were demolished after the November, 2010 quake. Many businesses once operated on this corner. One of the things that brought tears to my eyes several times was seeing the smaller business premises like the Corner Dairies closed and barricaded for public safety. So many livelihoods lost.

Polytech students are designing Gap Fillers. This isn't a great photo of what they are up to. We saw another sight being 'landscaped' with haybales and ????

So many gaps

Spectacularly damaged two storied house. The owner was in the kitchen at the rear of the house. He escaped unscathed but how frightening it must have been.

Sign at the main entrance to a major retailer of electronics, Dick Smith. The building covered a large city block

The cone from the front roof sits alongside. This is the Great Hall, part of the original University of Canterbury buildings and now a part of the Arts Centre, a large complex which is estimated will be 15 years in restoration.

This is all that's left of the old Christchurch Girl's High

Again I failed to make the best of my photo op. This is Christchurch Central Fire Station. The Engines are now located in a temporary garage across one of the closed roads.

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