Friday, 27 May 2011


I have never known how to effectively visualize to help me reach my goals. I know it is a useful tool used by many successful people and including most sports stars. I know it is recommended and there is even an exercise for it in my Lean For Life Workbook but I always skimmed that chapter because I couldn't quite grasp the technique. Today Christine posted a simple example of what she is doing and suddenly I begin to 'get it.'

Christine wrote:-

But I have been doing visualization exercises lately.

Like try this: When you want to eat your favorite binge food, imagine yourself standing naked on the scale in front of your bathroom mirror. And watch yourself eating that food. Standing there. Naked, on the scale, in front of the mirror. Is it worth it? Does it suddenly not taste so good??

Can you visualize yourself at your goal weight? Maintaining your goal weight? What does it look like and feel like? Are you more comfortable? More confident?

I think I will meditate on this and put it into practice, but I don't think I'll do anything much about it before we are settled back at home again.


I haven't been posting regularly for quite a while. I've had some successes and many failures and life keeps on rolling by. Currently we are in Christchurch and I'm looking forward to going home on Tuesday. We've had a lovely visit with our son and his wife but I've spent the last 5 days doing NOTHING. The recliner has become my preferred place. The few times I've got into bed to sleep it has taken me more than half the following day to feel comfortable again. I sustained bruising to my shins and a minor bruise on my right shoulder but extensive and painful bruising to deeper muscle and bone tissue on my right chest. Deep breaths hurt, movement hurts and it makes me feel so miserable. I want to get out and do things but because I'm not sleeping well I just feel incredibly tired. I know how to look after myself too well. I need to go out for a walk but hasn't happened since Sunday. Tonight I will sleep in the recliner again and perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. I've seen a doctor to make sure there is nothing more I should do. She gave me a script for cheap paracetmol and another for codeine. I discovered I cannot take codeine. It attacks my gut with horrible pain. It took me all day to recover from one dose. Not again. Lesson learned. I had been looking forward to a good night's sleep too when I was reminded they would make me sleepy. Ummm! Sleepy does not go with intense gut pain.

The insurance company has written off the car. The owners have got over the shock of losing their car and are planning how to spend the pay out. Bev, the owner and driver recently had a stroke and is unable to drive. She will probably never buy another car although I know she liked the idea of having a car in the garage just in case. It's not really necessary with 2 daughters within easy call and she also has taxi vouchers and her husband Lloyd has never held a license. We still feel awful about writing off their car but maybe it will end to be the best for them. What a way for it to happen.

I was looking forward to having some walks around the city and take photos of the Earthquake aftermath. We are amazed by the work that has been done to repair this broken city. The damage to the city is largely hidden to the general eye. I think you have to live here to see it. We have experienced a few little shakes, nothing alarming at all. But we are not as sensitive as those who live here and react far more than we do. We feel something that feels and sounds like a heavy truck going by, they look up and say 'Earthquake,' with a grimness that chills, and wait to see what it's going to do.

Normal life continues but nothing is normal. We watch the local TV which lost many people on the day of the earthquake, It is fantastic that they are up and running and we get a good idea of how the city is coping. I love their catch cry, CTV the Recovery Channel.

We are watching the news from USA with great distress, I don't think we visited Joplin but we stayed just up the road at Carthage, Mo. way back in April 2005. What a strange year we are having. There is always a lot of grief and sadness in the world but this last year seems to have been remarkably bad. It's easy to agree with Biblical preachers who describe the times as the Last Days and makes it too easy for delusional people to talk doomsday stuff. I'm so glad I believe in a loving God who wants the best for us and in spite of inevitable bad people I have faith in the mainstream will of humanity to make this a better world to live in. God made us to be creative and we have the intelligence to solve great problems from obesity to rebuilding broken cities and appreciating beauty.

There is always a rainbow of hope and we can always look for those things that make us smile.

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