Monday, 11 April 2011


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After hovering around 97 kg since the middle of last year I have finally cracked it and this morning was amazed and pleased to see 94 kg on the scales. That brings my total weight lost since January 2010, when I decided there was No Turning Back, to 12 kg or 25 pounds. I like pounds best. *giggle*

It seems a little crazy to me that I couldn't do this through the summer. Here it is quite chilly and one thing I really dislike is being cold. Eating Low Carb and losing weight I find it very hard to stay warm. I suppose I should turn it to my advantage and get walking more if only to keep warm. We are going to Christchurch in 4 weeks time. I really wanted to be under 90 kg when we leave. It's beginning to look as though it might just be possible. But.... Christchurch is a lot colder than home. I will need all my thermal underwear and warm top clothes. The plan was to shop while there and I'll certainly do that.... with what is a mute point, We have NO Spare Cash but I've put this off for two winters now and really must get a new jacket and jerseys and pants/slacks and a couple of long sleeved tops. I really must shop. The cool thing is I will be buying at least 1 size if not 2 sizes smaller than last time I shopped. I should be able to get into tops size (NZ)18 and pants size (NZ)20 Not sure how this translates to USA or Europe. All I know is I am shrinking and there's No Turning Back.

I am pleased to think that this is one way I can support Christchurch as the business world recovers from the earthquake. Not to mention that it is pretty much impossible to find warm clothes I like locally. Our climate is mild so the selection of winter clothes is fairly limited.

In the last week we have spoken to our South Island sons and I keep a close eye on the Christchurch News. There is so much to do. Roads are so damaged that right now many of the repairs are patch up jobs just to make the roads safe. Re-construction will go on for years. Imagine it. All the infra-structure, buildings, business and social life have taken a century and a half to develop. Yes New Zealand is that young. In 1 minute it becomes broken, munted, to use the Major's words. How can it be rebuilt? Certainly not overnight. More on this over on my NZ Diary. I'm going there to write now.
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