Friday, 11 March 2011


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In my last post I talked about GOING BACK TO THE BEGINNING. Sounds so easy. Not!

I have 2 new Bibles stashed away but neither were suitable. One was a pocket edition with the tiniest print, the other was even more bulky than the New International Version I have. Hmmmm! Can't afford to go out and buy another. Do you know how expensive a good bible is? Of course a good bible will be read over and over so it needs to be well bound with good print and paper. I'm reading my New Living Translation in spite of small print. At least it's easy to handle in bed. I think I'll also read on line and then I can mark the passages that speak to me in my real bible. Cumbersome but it will work.

Today is preparation day. The house is getting a little extra attention as we have guests Saturday night who are coming for a wedding. We will sleep in the old Purple Bus for the next 2 or 3 nights. So far the only work being done is by John because I'm here.

The house is full of little flies that BITE. Our house is very open with no screens so we try to open as many windows and doors as the breeze allows but that's not working today. It's the time of year and the grass has just been mown on two sides of us. I'm tired of all the lawnmowers. It seems to be continuous, one lawn after another, day after day. Although I do love the smell of fresh cut grass.

I'm totally off plan with my eating. This week was supposed to give me time to get into the swing of things but mice and men intervened. Well not many mice but....

Monday night we got a breathless call from a niece, M, who has a job in another district and has finally found a house so is moving. 'Would Uncle John come in on Wednesday morning to dis-assemble her beds.' I did well on Tuesday but we had to be up and out of the house before 7.30 am on Wednesday. Not something I'm good at these days.

Do you want a little family gossip?

M is notorious in our family for procrastinating and although she is teased and even had the hard word put out she hasn't improved. Tuesday Jay, our daughter went in to help and found M was going out socialising and leaving her to it. jay went home. My nephew, Jas has a small house removal business and he, of course, was asked to move her belongings. He was booked to arrive 10 am Wed. but past experience has made him wary. He arrived Tuesday afternoon and found a shambles. He began packing and worked to 11pm. M thinks she's going to sort things perfectly as she packs. There was no time for this and Jas just picked up bundles of stuff and boxed them. He worked while M played, saying farewell to friends. When we arrived 8 am Wednesday I took one look and backed off. I could see how much progress had been made but it was still a huge untidy mess, a disorganised shambles, with much cleaning remaining. I found a few not so difficult jobs and then went shopping for morning tea for the workers. I took my time.

M doesn't know how to throw out stuff/rubbish. She had a cupboard full of plastic shopping bags, the door was open and the bags flowing out into the passageway. I filled a large 20 litre rubbish bag with these plastic bags and they were jammed in tight. M has known since mid January that she was definitely moving out of this house and has had many opportunities to begin the sorting out and clean up as well as pack items. She would not pack anything in the kitchen until the last morning because she would be using the kitchen. ... I beg your pardon! This house was only a few minutes from a huge range of takeaway shops and restaurants, not to mention family. Jas managed to get the truck loaded according to his time plan and hit the road, but not before he told M that he would charge her for every hour he had to wait for her at the other end. We left with two runs to the rubbish tip and another niece, B, came to help with the final clean before the property manager's inspection. M went out socialising AGAIN. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

At the other end she sent an SOS to her brother who lives about an hours drive from her new house. He payed the bond and collected the key. I guess Jas, her Dad and brother unloaded the truck and trailer before she even left Whitianga for the 3.5 hour drive to her new home.

There are many more stories about this day but 'nuff is enough.

We've heard the stories, now we've seen for ourselves. Thank-goodness she won't be doing this in our area again, or if she is we won't be there to help.

Just to put this story in context. M has moved at least 4 times, more if you count returning to her parents home at intervals. She is in her late 30s, a professional woman with degrees. We love her but ....'nuff said.

At least it gives the family plenty of entertainment.

Yesterday my plans were again adjusted when I was asked to go in earlier to check on Mum as she'd had an attack of angina. Fortunately not serious and she was well. I kept my appointment with the dentist and we were able to come home early afternoon.

I decided I felt like writing today.

What's next? Not a lot right now. Pack up my stuff for the bus, taking all personal items out and later as the afternoon cools I'll do a little gardening. Tomorrow morning I do the bathroom when we've finished with it and that's that.
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