Tuesday, March 8, 2011



It's our first chilly morning of 2011. Autumn is on the way and I turned to comfort food. I wanted something nice and warm so cooked up a pot of porridge. It was delicious with brown sugar and creamy milk. Not a very sensible choice because while it satisfies my husband for hours, I usually feel hungry too soon.

A while ago someone prayed that I would begin to have God inspired dreams again. I prefer to forget my dreams, that's if I do wake up remembering them. They are usually so confusing, crazy, or sometimes more like nightmares that it's better to forget them as quickly as possible. Not all dreams can be passed off that way. This morning was one I will not forget. I won't detail the dream although it had something to do with re-establishing a neighbourhood PlayCentre which is a home grown early childhood centre of education, now wrapped in Government regulations. I was a very good Playcentre Mum and even initiated the establishment of two new centres. I was on my way to regional fame, being involved in administration at regional level. Some expected me to become a national leader but before things went this far I became a committed Christian and my focus changed.

The meaning of the dream had nothing to do with child care or early education but I'm left with these words running through my head.

"Go back to the Beginning."

This begs the question. "Where is the Beginning?"

Becoming a 'Born Again Christian' was a defining moment. In many ways my life began there although everything that lead up to that moment is important. The Bible says we become a new person on Christ, old things are gone and a new life begins. This was true for me.

"Go back to the Beginning," for me, means to look at my life in those early days of being a Christian. The first thing that comes to mind is how I discovered the Bible. I'd been brought up in a sort of Christian environment. As children we were sent to Sunday School where I learnt children's hymns and Bible stories and had a great time at the annual picnics. From years 12 to 17 I went to a private boarding school which came under the Presbyterian Church umbrella. There we had 'prayers morning and evening, weekly scripture lessons and church every Sunday. It was restrictive as was most life in the 1950s but there was also a freedom in being so regulated. Sadly I was turned off church but God found me when I was 33 years old when I was questioning the purpose of life, especially mine, which seemed to have become a meaningless merry-go-round with no purpose.

I remember going to the bookshelf and cleaning the dust and off my school Bible, the Authorised King James. I began to devour it. I knew nothing of Bible Study or systematic reading. I began at the Beginning and read. I was totally surprised by my ability to understand this book and my hunger for more of it grew daily. I read that Bible until it fell apart. It remains one of my treasures. I remember well a song, don't know the title, but one phrase says something about loving a bible well used. That was my first bible. For years I read every day and did some light weight studies. Somewhere in the last 10 or maybe 15 years I've lost the knack, the discipline, and my bible has become 'old hat', even dry and boring.


As I write this it begins to dawn on me that this is where I start, reading my bible and finding a new passion for it. Back on that day in 1974 I began reading from Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 1 so that's where I am today, except that I need to find a Bible that's easy to hold and easy to read. No way can I read the tiny print of my original Bible. I have an International version with easy to read print but it's heavy and bulky, I have a New Living Translation which is light and easy to hold but the print is too small and I'm not sure I find the language inspiring. I have another unread Bible somewhere.. it's time to look for it and see if that's the one. Imagine, I have a choice of versions and style of book. On top of that there are the internet choices but I think I'll go for the one I can hold and mark as various passages touch my heart. This is going to be a brand new adventure in reading my Bible. I think I'm getting excited about it.

Sometimes God is speaking to us through our dreams. I'm for that.


Today I "Go Back To The Beginning" of my new life with Him and a journey of new adventures and discoveries is waiting for me.

Today is a new day and I am praising the Lord.

From Psalm 118:24 King James version.

This is the day which the Lord hath made,
We will be glad and rejoice in it.

This is why I love sunrise. Every day is new and the beginning if another adventure in life. Sometimes the days roll by and they seem routine or dreary but the truth is no two days are exactly the same and each day is complete in itself.

I am truly thankful God chose to give me a new life. He also gave me free choice to live it to the full or merely exist, getting through each day, each new crisis, the days when nothing seems to change or improve, the days when it's a struggle to be positive, when life seems to be hardly worth the living, plodding through with little hope of anything better.

I choose to live to the full, even in the hard and tedious places.

I love a fresh sheet of paper, waiting for new words or pictures to be drawn. In the same way I love the dawning of every new day. How I colour the day is my choice. We have a good God and I wish everyone would know His love.


Merikay said...

Lovely Sunsets and sunrises.

We are looking forward to SPRING!

Chris H said...

It was actually chilly enough this morning for me to grab my dressing gown and slippers!
Gorgeous photos Anne.

Chibi said...

Awesome post, MargieAnne. Gorgeous pictures and thought-provoking writing. "Go back to the beginning" is really speaking to me - thank you. <3

Rettakat said...

The photos of the golden sunrise are stunning!

ladyofthehouse said...

Beautiful pictures as always MargieAnn!!
I too had felt like my reading and studying of the Bible had slacked off and that I really needed to dig deep. About a month ago I went to a web site called biblestudytools.com that a friend had recommended. I wanted (sort of) to read the Bible in a year. I had done this before however, and i can't say that I benefitted very much as I just read it to check off each days scripture, I didn't study and let myself really absorb it. This time I'm reading in chronological order and I sit with my Bible and journal and write something about every chapter I read. Sometimes it's a sentence or two and other times is pages. I'll be praying for you sister!!!
hugs - diane :)