Thursday, March 3, 2011


Would you like this boulder to crash through into your living room?

Trade Me is an on-line auction for selling off anything and everything.

One Christchurch man has brought a smile to everyone's face with this sale.

Some of the comments are hilarious. I hope you have a few minutes to spend reading some real Kiwi humour.

I'm tired. Not enough sleep last night. We are still having sticky, warm night which don't cool down until 4 or 5 am.

I also spent all afternoon in town. It was exhausting ...... that's a lie. But I was pretty tired by the time I got home. I went to my favourite hairdresser and got my hair cut and coloured. It's so pretty. Shades of red woven through my natural colour in such a way it looks fun but not silly or funky. I'll have to get a photograph. I'm truly blessed. Joanie is an artist with colour and cutting and we have her here in Whitianga. She is the equal of any good city hairdresser and I get mine for free because we're house sitting again next month. She once had a busy salon in Los Angeles with several staff.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my doctor and am working on psyching myself up because I need to make sure I have something effective to deal with my skin problems. I need her to acknowledge that I need medication to deal with the fungal problem, candida albicans. I'm not good at being pro-active with my doctor for several reasons. It seems that these days the first reaction is that I must be diabetic or some other something relate to being overweight. Then there is the whole thing of respect for the medical profession and their training and experience that I grew up with. My attitude is a lot different now. I know that any doctor is a product of his/her training and prejudices. They might care and even be compassionate but if they cannot diagnose via scientific tests and dish out some drug they don't want to know you. It pains me that I think this way but I years of experiencing frustration have made me this way.

This time I will pray and trust God to help both me and the doctor toward some kind of satisfactory result.


Rettakat said...

I hope your doctors visit turns out well.

And I followed the link to the story about Rocky... haven't laughed that hard in days! You "Kiwi's" are so spunky, what a great attitude he has in the face of such hardship.

Chris H said...

I hope you have some success at the Dr's.
I posted that link about the rock on my blog too. It was rather funny.

Merikay said...

As you ask the doctor for help with your skin, first say something complementary about them, and something about how you admire how hard they work.

A little smooizng can make thing go better. But don't take no help as an answer. If she can give you no help, ask for a referral for a second opinion.

Stephanie said...

Come back soon and let us know how your appointment went! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way! *HUGS*