Sunday, 6 March 2011



Last month we celebrated Jane's birthday by going to Luke's Kitchen on the beach at Kuaotuna for pizza. It was a very warm evening but enough breeze to keep us reasonably comfortable even if it was too windy to use the sun umbrellas. The top photo is my mother, below that are some of the family and friends who gathered to eat Al Fresco



With my latest visit to the doctor behind me I realise how stressed I become as the time draws near for my next appointment. I'm not sure what do do about this right now. I have chosen a lady doctor because I'm tired of seeing men. In a larger town choice would not be a problem but currently there is only one woman doctor in my local town and travelling further afield is plain ridiculous.

I guess some of the stress is from being overweight and knowing it contributes to certain health issues. I have had hypertension for a few years now and it's hard to control so while I am not on a huge dose it has been increased several times. Even when I lose a few kilos it doesn't seem to make any difference. I stooge along eating reasonably well most of the time then I have patches where I'm doing myself no favours. It makes me cross and I feel frustrated.

Perhaps I should prepare for my next appointment by fasting for a day and going for a long, one hour or more, walk in the morning before I see the doctor. A doctor once told me that he guarantees a low BP reading if you do this. Joking aside, I feel defeated each time the strength of my pills is increased. At least that was not the case this visit.

I noticed this morning that I'm maintaining my weight loss and maybe slowly continuing to lose weight. I must admit I'm finding it extremely difficult to stay true to my plan. This is frustrating me too. The plan works and my general well-being improves so much I cannot understand why I'm finding it so hard to be consistent.

Anyway here is a summary of my doctor visit.

1. Was first afternoon appointment and waited an extra 20 minutes. Have no idea what was going on and no apology of course.

2. Student Dr. interviewed me and took various details. I know they need to train but this is happening more often than not. I try to stay cool about it but to be honest I'm not happy and feel uncomfortable discussing any health issues I might have with a stranger. I am always given a choice and I just might have to refuse next time.

3. Skin problems were referred back to regular doctor, discussed and treatment modified but I don't expect much improvement and the treatment calls for me to be quite disciplined. Since I'm already struggling to follow instructions this isn't going to make anything easier. I believe I need medication as well as topical but first a scrape of affected skin has to be taken for lab testing. Wouldn't you know .... I'd bathed and scrubbed so well it wasn't possible to get a decent sample so have to go back next week when I'm dirty.

4. It was suggested I might need to see a Dermatologist. I asked for this at last apt. and was asked "Why I wanted to see one?" Anyway I did get a referral back then and am waiting impatiently for apt. 6 month wait due to end in April/May.

5. Chemist charged $70 for a free item, (one of my blood pressure tablets). John collected and paid up and I nearly had a heart attack. Jane sorted and will get refund today.

6. Discovered the next morning Dr. prescribed half my usual tablets. That means I have to pay for a top up prescription. No Way. I will tell them when I go in next week to give skin sample and they can sort it out.


There's a wonderful story of faith behind this church building. The vision for the building was given twenty or more years ago and is almost complete to a high standard. Extra-ordinary for a congregation which has never numbered more than 120 and been through many trials.

Meantime I'm working toward getting back onto my weight loss plan. I missed Church today. It was a deliberate decision. I was unable to sleep until the early hours of the morning so woke up later than I like on a Sunday. It meant I would be in a rush and I needed time to go through my skin treatment. Last week seemed to be full of extras and this way I have a few days to re-instate our normal lifestyle rhythms.

I haven't been getting any exercise for several weeks. I was doing extremely well until I became sick 5 or 6 weeks ago and haven't had the physical or mental energy to maintain a series of days 'On Plan' since.


Chris H said...

Oh I do recognise your Mother! You look a bit like her too.

Bummer about all the stuff ups with Dr/Pills/charges/appointments... I hope it all works out eventually.

I remember when that church first started fund raising... and all the years it was only 1/4 built... amazing it has finally come to fruition and is open.

Rettakat said...

Isn't it frustrating how we can go along well for a length of time, then "life" comes along and knocks us over. And it seems to take a LONG time to get the rhythm going again.

But you know how.. you've done it before, and know how you feel better. So I'm sure you will get back into the swing of it again, on a consistent basis. I am still working on that: consistency... makes all the difference, yes?!

Phyllis said...

Your mother looks like quite the lady!

As always, take care.