Thursday, February 10, 2011


Had an interesting experience this afternoon. First I went to the dentist and had most of the work done to tidy up and repair my teeth. At last I'm not banging and grinding my teeth and chipping off my new fillings because the dentist finally got my bite right. It's a long time since my mouth felt so good.

I was warned to eat only soft food for lunch. I didn't think this through properly. We went to a cafe and John had hamburger and chips. I NEVER have that in a restaurant. I like NICE food. But as I looked down the lunch menu I couldn't see anything I really wanted but I did think the mushroom and bacon fettuccine would do. I ate about 2/3rds of it and was satisfied.

We then went to New World SuperMarket to do our shopping. I hadn't been pushing the trolly around for long when I began to feel very odd, mildly dizzy, vague and blurred sight. It wasn't serious and a couple of hours later felt as good as anything again. I've been 100% wheat and gluten free for only 3 days, or maybe 4, until lunch today.

Did I have some kind of reaction? That's the question. I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

Why do I think of alternative meals after the fact? I could have asked for the hamburger with salad and no fries or bun. It was a proper restaurant and they could have done that for me. I'm not good at asking for special attention when we eat out but I think it's time I stopped being wishy-washy about this.

I wanted to record this experience. Things like this have been going on for a long time but although I take note at the time and wonder I never write anything down so I have no idea if there is a clear pattern.

It's bed-time.

I'm preparing my mind for a good day tomorrow



Stephanie said...

I have no idea, MargieAnne, but that would definitely concern me. I've heard of allergic reactions to wheat before, but not with those symptoms. Is there a medical professional nearby you can ask? I hope you find out some answers. *Hugs* to you.

Phyllis said...

I, too, think about what I SHOULD have eaten after the fact.

And I agree, you need to find out why you had that reaction.

Hippygal said...

Hope you do find out what is causing it.... have a happy weekend, wet here but cooler thank goodness :-)

Paul said...

MargieAnne. Found your blog via a comment on mine and just HAD to comment on the wheat thing. Hope you don't mind the longish reply. Going Gluten-free was probably the single biggest positive thing I've for my health. I had no idea I even had any reaction to Gluten. I'd eaten "healthy" whole-grain bread all my life and considered it a normal thing to do. My sister badgered me to try giving it up and eventually I did. It was life-changing...literally. The knee pain that I'd had for 6 years (for which I took daily pills) dissapeared...the gas that I had on and off dissapeared...and, most astonishing, the severe menstral pain that I'd had for 25 years went away...completely! So, I can't help but spread the message to people who try it. I now believe there are lots of cases of undiagnosed, low-level gluten intolerance. In my mind YES it could absolutely be a Gluten reaction. Sorry for the long reply! Nina

Xina said...

Sounds more like a blood sugar reaction than a gluten reaction to me. If you cut gluten out you've probably reduced your simple carb intake dramatically without even thinking about it. After 3 days of no flour a big plate of pasta can send your blood sugar soaring and then... you crash. The symptoms you describe sound just like a mild hypoglycemic response.