Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I've put a new post about New Chum's Beach with photos on NZ Diary. I'm sorry my photo of Phil Koeghan has his face shaded. The peak on his cap did a great job of protecting him from the sun.

We have had a very quiet day. I'm very thankful for that.

Holidays times can be wonderful but they can also be terrible. I haven't written about the awful things that have happened lately but nonetheless we are aware of the drama, the anxiety, the sadness and the grief. Our small communities have been hit hard in the last few days.

At New Year there was a stabbing on the Buffalo Beach Road in Whitianga. Another young man went missing and has been found dead 25 km from where he was staying, a few doors from my mother's house. His death seems to be a mystery. On Sunday when we came home from Pauanui there was a road block where the Matarangi Road joins the Kuaotuna to Coromandel Road because there had been an awful motorcycle crash in which one man was killed. The Rescue Helicopter has been busy taking the seriouly injured or ill to hospital. There have been several boating incidents and it seems as though the Voluntary Fire Brigade get no rest at this time of year. They are first response to accidents be it sea or land. We live almost opposite the little Fire Station so we are very aware of how often they are called out.

Somehow tragedies seem harder to bear when you're on holiday. Yesterday we were having such a good time while the police were searching for the missing young man. His parents and friends were anxious and only had one thought, to find him safe, but it wasn't to be. I understand the shock of sudden grief in the midst of having a good time.

I understand why people cry out against God and the unfairness of life, But it doesn't solve problems. It doesn't make life any easier. I feel sadness for the families and friends of those who are injured or dead but it does no-one any good if I dwell on these things.

My daughter amazes me. I'm full of admiration for her. In our sparsely populated area the Community Nurses are also Hospice Nurses. A Community Nurse visits people in their own homes following doctor or hospital referrals. Most of their work involves would care and with a high percentage of older people there are things like varicose ulcers and other age related problems. They also visit the people who want to die at home rather than in hospital. In those cases the nurses often become an emotional anchor for the family. This week Jay worked an extra day to help the family of a woman who was unconscious while they waited for her to breath her last.

My sister-in-law, the one that drives me crazy, is head nurse on a trauma team. She is right there at the coal face with family co-ordinating the various services they need and making sure they have all the support they need. I have enormous respect for what she does and I know the people who work with her and the people and failie she helps have a great affection for her.

I'm such a whimp. I cave at the least little thing. That's why I'm not a nurse.

And on that note I'd better go to bed.
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