Saturday, 29 January 2011


By choice, our choice that is.

We have paying house guests again. It all helps. We have fence repairs, things we need like a slow cooker, (crock pot), and groceries.

Today when we walked through our gate this is what we saw 4 or 5 houses along the street. This is the wide grassy berm. We had another summer storm. Last weekend roads were closed too.

We woke up to lots of water lying around and just along he street where there's been a blocked drain forever. The children took full advantage of the lake that formed.

All day children were coming down to play in our new pond. Parents drove down in their SUVs with their toddlers

There was enough water to bring out the canoes.

I walked off toward the beach looking back to take these two photos. Parents were watching as the pond was more than one metre, (3 feet) deep in places

I guess it made a change from the sea which was a little rough for youngsters.

Surfs up at Matarangi.

An offshore wind and lots of sea spray. Not much beach left to walk on at high tide.

Cyclone Wllma dropped a bucket load of rain. Fortunately we didn't get much wind but again roads were closed and the morning paper didn't get through so John had his little walk to the shop for nothing more than exercise. The second time he went I sweetly persuaded him to get me a cappuccino to go.

The tummy bug I had took ages to recover from. I was nauseous and dizzy with no energy for nearly a week. I'm just now, 10 days later, beginning to get back into my healthy routine. It looks as though January is a bit of a wash out as far as weight loss goes and now I have to begin building up my walking distance and swimming again.

Tomorrow I'll probably go to church and then we'll stop off at Mum's for family lunch as my brother is staying and my 94 year old uncle will also be there. His last visit, planned for last weekend was postponed because of weather. My cousin and her husband will bring him up and they should have an uneventful trip.


Phyllis said...

How cute is that! Children can find joy in everything. In our house in NJ, when it rained heavy we had a large "stream" in the backyard. Leonard always called in Lake Phyllis.

Glad you are feeling better now.

Holy Hannah said...

I love your pictures! You always have the best pictures that make me smile. It is so cold where I am and your warm pictures warm me up. It is only 9 degrees Ferenheit today. Thanks for making me warm!

Lynda said...

We were there on the beach when those two girls walked up (in you last photo). Was this in the morning or afternoon? I can't remember as were were here both times. If afternoon, then the two people you can see in the water behind are my daughter and her boyfriend. It was a wild day huh?

Kate said...

wow Margieanne, people live long lives in your family, what great genes you must have!! the water is a familiar sight, we are still getting lots of media pics of the queensland floods and there are cyclones on the way for queensland. hope you are on the mend health wise xox

MargieAnne said...

It was afternoon Lynda. I took this from the top of the walkway steps nearest our place and zoomed things up. I think it was about about 3 pm but not sure of time. I just knew I had to get out and take photos of the children playing n our new Lake.