Thursday, 6 January 2011


It feels as though I've belonged to Slimming For Life forever. SFL was first set up in 2000 by an Australian woman, as an alternative to another weight loss message board which was apparently having problems at the time. I joined SFL soon after it's inception when it was very busy and full of amazing people. It is much quieter now and apart from myself and the owner there are only a handful of us who continue to use it. I am forever grateful to Anne for keeping it running.

Currently we are having seasonal Challenges which run 12 weeks at a time. They are low key, probably because we are small in number and I am don't feel under any pressure to perform. It works for me. We are up to week 5 in this Summer Challenge and as I signed in with my weigh for this week it set me thinking.

Week 5 means we are 10 days away from the half way mark and at this point I have only lost 0.5 kg, (1 pound). I don't call that good enough. I'm really cross with myself. I saw 95 kg on the scales just before Christmas and today they read 97, a gain of 4.5 pounds. I keep on eating stuff that's not in my plan. The results are there for all to see. I've gained weight. This is my typical pattern at this time of the year. I get through Christmas Day and then all the left-overs and food gifts call me until I no longer bother to resist and the weight goes back on. I thought this year would be different. Well it is and it's not.

It is not because I have been eating the occasional chocolate, lots of cake balls that were intended as gifts but went a little wrong and weren't suitable for gift wrapping and bread and Nestle capuccinos and, and, and...........

It is because I've been marginally more active. I've had 3 swims in the sea and deliberately been out for 2 walks, a total of 3 km, so far. Today the plan is to walk another 3 km. Because it's cloudy I can go out this afternoon and it won't be too hot.

It is also different to other years because I'm pulling myself up right now instead of waiting until the holiday period is over, or even longer. Mid January is often my renewal point and if I miss that it is March, June or next year. *laughter* All the damaging stuff has gone, mostly through my mouth, and John has the chocolates hidden and doles me out one now and then. I can handle that.

No more excuses. No more procrastination. What makes me think I can slack off because other people are on holiday? Our life is one long holiday. Retirement means we can choose what we do each day and there is no agenda to meet employment criteria.

I'm planning to go right into 6 weeks of Lean For Life, the Lindora Clinic program. It will kick start the year for me and since it's basically the way I eat now it will be good to follow it more carefully for a while.

It's so easy to just give up and go with the flow, what with holidays and interruptions to one's normal routine. I won't mention the stress as the dollars keep disappearing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live without money. *laugh*

I came to the conclusion a while ago that I need to do this for my health. I'm not on a temporary diet to lose weight. This is a permanent condition if I want to spend the remainder of my years in reasonable health.

I certainly don't want to continue to gain weight, which is the alternative, since even when maintaining the odd half kilogram sneaks in here and there.

To stay where I am or gain weight means I become increasingly reluctant to be active. I become more and more an old lady who waddles and struggles up out of chairs. My doctor will increase my blood pressure medication and my body will hate me and show many signs of ill-health. To do nothing about the way I eat also increase the influence of Candida Albicans on all my internal systems and chronic fatigue and arthritis become my companions .

If that is not bad enough it is difficult to find affordable clothes I enjoy wearing. I won't like how I look and I will become increasingly reclusive.

There is nothing positive, I can think of, about getting heavier or even staying the same.

The solution is in my hands, my head, my choices.

The decision to improve my health by losing weight is for the rest of my life. It's not a temporary diet to lose weight, it's a change to the way I live which will stand up for as long as I live, hopefully another 20 or 30 years if my mother's good genes are anything to go by.

We are heading for half-way in this Summer Challenge. The weeks keep rolling on. Time does not stand still. I don't have time to dilly dally. Today begins a serious effort to get my weight loss plan moving and post a decent loss next Monday.

I know I can do this because I've done it before. I'm putting on my determined face.

I hope this does not upset too many of my readers. I am returning to the core purpose of this Blog. For the next 6 weeks my focus each day will be on the Lean For Life program and how I am following it.

For those who don't want the weight loss stuff you will find that I am posting more frequently into My New Zealand Diary. I suggest you check it out now and decide whether you like it and want to follow it.
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