Wednesday, 29 December 2010



I haven't done anything much for the last few days.

These photos were taken on Christmas Eve. I rushed home from the Carol Service at Kuaotuna hoping there would still be enough light to get photos of the sunset.

I grabbed the camera and decided to experiment with a different setting. I know zilch about taking good photos and these have made the clouds look dark and stormy. They were not. I'm thinking that the setting I used increased the contrast between light and dark. Dramatic but not quite what I expected. I'll experiment some more. I'd love to get a moon shot over the sea.

We had our nice quiet Christmas Day. Mum wants all the bells and whistles and harks back to busier time. I have to tune her out, otherwise I get really snappy with her. I think I'm still finding Christmas a little difficult on the emotional front. We had a family bomb-shell dropped on us three years ago on December 19th. Each year I'm a little more emotionally healed, a little less disturbed and anxious, more able to face people without expending a huge amount of internal energy.

The sad thing is that I once felt as excited as she does about Christmas. Too many painful experiences over the years have changed me, left their mark.

We spent Boxing Day moving out to our Bus-home and the following day finishing off preparing the house for our paying guests. They arrived during the afternoon and we feel really comfortable with them. They seem to be a reasonably mature bunch of 6 guys and gals aged from late teens to about 25. They are all Uni students or graduates and respectful of us. Isn't that great!

Yesterday it rained and we blobbed out as did the folk in the house. Today they are off to the beach and I an in my swimsuit which I bought a couple of years ago when it was a bit too small. It fits nicely now so out with the baggy old one.

We have some cash to bank and need to check our supplies.

I've managed to successfully fritter away the morning so we'll have lunch before we go out

We'll have some lunch and go to Mum's I will get in the sea. Not sure whether I can stay in and swim. It will depend on how much the sea stings all the itchy skin I've been scratching. I'll be glad to have a shower there as we can only have sponge baths in the bus. The gas water heater on our shower is downright dangerous.

Only two and half days left of 2010. I had great plans to be slimmer and fitter by now. I had even worked out a training schedule so I could walk a half marathon on Boxing Day. Now all those plans are rolled over into 2011. I am more than 6 kg, 20 pounds less than at the start of the year but not so sure I'm any fitter. I hope I can ramp things up a bit. Losing 10 kg is significant but I've been here many times before and cannot get excited about it. The important thing is to keep going and even if I only lose another 10 kg in the next year it's better than staying where I was. Actually I expect to do a lot better. It should be comparatively easy for me to lose 2 kg per month. Anything close to that or better will excite me. It would mean becoming merely overweight and making a decision about where I finally want to end up. I would love to reach my wedding day weight again but whether it will look right on me at my age is another thing.

As for exercise, I will gradually build up my walking fitness and as I feel better other things will follow. I guess I'm going to do some weights as I need to tone my arms. Even John commented on my flabby fat arms and he says very little .... because he knows it's very dangerous territory. *hehe*

No New Year's resolutions. I don't keep them. I'm a very poor goal setter. I tend to live each day as it comes. For me that means staying as starch and sugar free as I am able. My health and getting rid of the skin irritation is top of my list. I like being comfortable in my skin and now I am not.

I hope you are all having a very good day. I am.


Ann (-48 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Beautiful photos, MargieAnne!

I wish you every success in 2011. Let's make it the best year yet!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures. *sigh* Like you, I don't make resolutions either, at least not where weight loss is concerned. I hope 2011 is full of blessings for you and your family, MargieAnne! *Hugs*

Merikay said...

I'd like to ask your permission to grab a couple of your pictures for my sunset-sunrise collection. I started it with a couple I shot and have added several from other blogs. The only thing I do with them is use them as an ever changing desktop screen picture.

I'll check these comments for your OK.