Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My husband was born 75 years ago. It's hard to believe we really are entering into what most people term 'old age.' I sort of feel more like middle aged but the I'm so darned tired from this systemic yeast infection I have no energy to get about and do stuff.

I didn't need to do my usual Wednesday trip to Mum's so we're having another extremely lazy day. John did put up some wire along to wooden fence to grow his tomatoes along but my To Do list remains the same as 3 days ago. I'm not game to add to it or I'll begin to feel overwhelmed.

I did think about making a Pavlova for his birthday dinner which we are having at Mum's tomorrow night. So far I've procrastinated long enough to tell myself it's a good thing as they are so loaded with sugar and none of us need such a sweet dessert. Fresh strawberries and cream will do nicely and I will get some nice icecream too.

There continues to be a little friendly Tasman rivalry with both New Zealand and Australia claiming this as their own but look what I've just found.

The nationality of the creator of pavlova has been a source of argument between the two countries for many years, with the meringue-based dessert part of the national cuisine of both countries.

The Oxford English Dictionary has come out in favour of New Zealand's case, stating the first recorded recipe for pavlova was in the 1927 book Davis Dainty Dishes, a publication by Davis Gelatine (NZ).

The Oxford Dictionary cannot be disputed so that's the last word on this. Maybe!

Yesterday a man arrived and erected a satellite dish on our roof. This is our daughter's gift to her father. She will give him the decoder tomorrow. In the meantime we have no TV. So Peaceful. The only program I wanted to watch, Australian Master Chef. I could get ON Demand on-line. We will only have Freeview TV but it will give us better reception and increases the number of channels we can watch by 2 or 3.

Tomorrow we'll go over to Mum's before lunch and I will do a little shopping and cook a celebration dinner. I have asked my niece and her husband to join us and that makes dinner for 5. I think that's about all I want to cope with.

The menu is fairly simple.

Baked ham with new potatoes and a mix of broccoli, cauliflower, beans and asparagus, a salad of red cabbage and beetroot.

Dessert will be strawberries and whipped cream and a icecream and maybe a Pavlova.


Tricia said...

Happy Birthday to John!

Merikay said...

My husband's Grandmother made a desert that is exactly like the Pavlova. We call it Schaum Torte. It is of German origin.

My son-in-law is a New Zealander and was surprised when I made a Schaum Torte for him. Some of the recipes make small dryer versions, but ours is quite tall and fluffy. Smothered in strawberries and fresh wiped cream ... Yumm!

I might be making one for my husbands birthday in December!

Cammy said...

Happy birthday wishes to John!

I think I'm going to try to make meringue cookies (itty bitty pavlovas) for Christmas Even dinner this year. I've never made them before so this should be interesting. :)

Chris H said...

HAPPY 75TH TO JOHN.... and we always knew it was a KIWI who invented the pavlova eh? lol I hope you have a lovely day and birthday dinner tomorrow night.