Friday, December 10, 2010


I've had the best day in a very long time.

First I did some gardening. Not too long, only an hour but that's more than I've done for ages. It's not a big garden but it was time to take out the sweet peas and the big weeds I let grow through them. There are quite a few baby swan plants, the food of the monarch butterfly caterpillar. They needed to be given room to grow. I want to fill the rest of this little garden with petunias, marigolds and lettuce. I'm a very casual gardener so this garden will be a mixture of whatever finds itself growing there including parsley. My lovely rosemary bush has died. Nothing seems to live long in that spot although they get watered well when dry. I think they get too wet in winter. I feel sad. It was looking so nice.

I hopped on the cross-trainer for 5 minutes but no walk. I made up a new dish.

I bought a lovely fresh iceberg lettuce with good quality outside leaves. I don't like outside leaves in my salads so I looked on the internet for cooked lettuce. Most of the recipes are for soup but it can also be used in stir-fry. We were having sausages and I decided to try out a creation based on the recipes I found. I've written it up here because lots of time we have lettuce that gets wasted because we don't feel like salad. Now I have another option.

I've met all my goals for the day except going for a walk and now it's time to have a soak in the bath.

The rash is still a right nuisance and I despair of finding a healing solution but I am learning ways of being as comfortable as possible with it.

Maybe one of the reasons I had a better day is there has been a slight lessening of pressure on our finances. I know we have enough money to live on for the next two or three months as well as Christmas spending. After that we go back to robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We have also been asked to look after my friends house over the New Year weekend. She is my hairdresser and she's been repaying me by doing my hair for free. That's huge as I'm hopeless with my hair and really appreciate being able to go reasonable regularly so I can keep it well shaped and prettily coloured. I am quite vain about my hair. I'm looking forward to being there. It will be lovely and quiet. We will enjoy being away from all the crazy New Year behaviour. We will enjoy their wonderful view of Otama Beach.


Deb Willbefree said...

Thanks for the great exercise re: letting go! I'll be using that. And, "Mrs. Fixit" yep, that's me alright! sigh.


Ann (-36 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

I lost my rosemary bush this year too. - SIGH - I miss it terribly and can't wait for the next planting season.

You have a lovely garden!

I'm glad things are looking up. Positive attitude begets positive changes, right?!

The house sitting assignment sounds wonderful! It is like having a vacation house without the need to purchase it. A change of scenery is always uplifting, but of course there is no place like home (tapping my inner Dorothy).

Holy Hannah said...

I love your posts, your pictures are so beautiful and always make me smile. Especially today when I am expecting 10 plus inches of snow.

Merikay said...

I have one rosemary bush, but it is on the side of a very difficult hill area. My neighbor has tons of it as a ground cover, but when I need it for cooking I have always climbed the hill instead of walking up the 1/4 mile to her house.

Nice flowers.

debby said...

Hi MargieAnne! Thought I'd answer your frozen yogurt question on your blog. Yes, I've done the same thing. Of course, a frozen yogurt machine is the quick answer. I actually bought one, but haven't used it that much.

Here's what I'd suggest. Make your frozen yogurt or smoothie mixture and freeze in ice cube trays. That way the frozen blocks are a reasonable size. Then take out as many 'yogurt cubes' as you want, whirl them around in your blender. It will be pretty close to frozen yogurt! I've done this a few times myself. Good luck.

BTW, sorry about the itching! That sounds absolutely miserable. I'll say a prayer for you.