Thursday, December 9, 2010


As you are probably aware, from various comments, that I read a lot of Blogs. Many are in the weight loss and fitness arena while others are by people who love to do various handcrafts and a major group are Rvers, or travellers in Recreational Vehicles, from Wannabees to Full-Timers.

This morning I caught up with Jia who from the heart here under this title,

Confessional: I'm Clueless About My Health

Do you ever get really motivated to make a change in your health, especially regarding diet?

Jia is a very intelligent woman who has excellent knowledge of what comprises a healthy lifestyle but has suddenly found her knowledge isn't working for her. I wrote the following on her Blog then thought I should bring it on over to my own and make it a post.

"Some people don't get that we are each unique and what works for them may not be appropriate for you.

I have recently begun to come to terms with Yeast overgrowth which causes among other annoying things, chronic fatigue. I am also broke, as in very limited fixed income. We have a very limited food budget and definitely cannot afford the gym or other gadgets. I'm growing older at 71, so some types of exercise are no longer appropriate or do-able.

Step one, for me, was eliminating wheat and sugar. That got rid of most of the carbohydrates and is reasonably easy for me to do although I fail some days.

Step two. Eat more green veggies because they are lower in carbs. Also raw veggies are less likely to trigger an insulin response which in turn causes a blood sugar hit.

Step three. Do my own preparation and cooking. Limit prepared and processed food to negligible.

Step four. Be aware of things like sugar and starch values in various fruits and veggies and minimize them. I do not go entirely without. I like carrots, sweet potato and will never, ever give up onions..

Step five. Find reasonably priced healthy sources of protein. My favourite is beef but I like all meat and eggs are awesome.

Step six. Stop buying or baking muffins.

Step seven. Walk. My goal is to walk about 3 miles daily but since I haven't got anywhere with this it remains a challenge and a MUST DO.

Step eight. Become more active with any exercise I can do at no financial cost.

Step nine. Grow my own veggies.

Step ten. Laugh more.

Step eleven. Accept the stress factors in my life.

Step twelve. Drink healthy stuff like water. I have almost eliminated coffee but will never entirely go coffee free permanently. I don't like regular tea so my hot drinks are fruit infusions and I can take or leave chocolate drinks so they don't figure here. I have the occasional soda, usually diet lemon, lime and bitters, I rarely drink wine so no problems there. I don't drink fruit juices. It's the whole fruit or nothing.

Step thirteen. Strengthen my Inner Man. Knowing God loves me is the single most important thing in my life.

Thirteen steps to weight loss and good health. If only I practiced them all the time in synchronization I would be the slimmest, healthiest and fittest of 71 year old women.

I wish there was a magic button to push but I accept that God wants people of character. Losing weight is Character Building. "

Here ends my comment on Jia's Blog

I have become more and more aware this week, that I am not active enough. I have been, many times, but of late have let it all slip. Being active is part of the healing process. I need to get out and walk if I'm ever to beat the Chronic Fatigue. Resting is fine but there must be a balance between rest and activity.

From past experience I know it's important to start small and I seem to be doing the old 'all or nothing' thing again. Sigh!

A 10 minute walk is better than nothing. I will start today and keep going everyday until it just begins to happen again. Ten minutes is not major. I can do it. I can even do it twice a day without causing a major bout of fatigue. Time to begin this aspect of my healthy life .... once more.

Oh Heck! Why do I procrastinate so?

I now have the food more or less under control. Not perfect but pretty good.

It's time to focus on my physical activity before my body gives up altogether. It gets harder with each year to motivate myself both to start and to keep going. Once started it is easier day by day and finally some kind of routine begins to establish itself but it's hard to start. I am beginning to feel better so there are no excuses. It's not simply a matter of living a healthy lifestyle but has become an essential part of the healing process. If I don't get out there and walk I can never be well again. Simple as that.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Blessings all and thank-you for being so patient to read this, my thoughtful words to self.


Merikay said...

I have challenged myself to walk 1000 miles in preparation for full time RVing.

I keep a log on my Blog. Sometimes I skip a few days or weeks if my ankle or knee hurts to much, but having the challenge and log help motivate me to go back and walk again.

Ann (-36 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

We are on the same page. I need to give up the couch potato lifestyle. To that end, I'm making my # 1 New Year's Resolution for 2011 ...

Regular Exercise!

It can only help, right?

Great job, squeezing it in where you can. Keep it up!

Stephanie said...

Ditto what Ann said. ^^ One of my goals for 2011 is to exercise more too. I know I sure feel better when I do. :)

Mama Bear June said...

Wish you were closer so we could get out and walk together! I need someone to spur me on. Awesome post!
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