Thursday, 25 November 2010


A quick thank-you to all those who follow. It delights me that you come here and I value your interest. I have tried one way or another to make contact with each one of you and I do read your Blogs. Every now and then I find I cannot find a connection but I don't want you to feel neglected.

Some of you will be aware that I have some health issues. They are minor in the sense that my life is not threatened but serious in the sense that my well-being is compromised and if ignored there can be serious consequences. I have spent the last 12 days being a lot stricter with what goes in my mouth because I have to break the Yeast Connection and that means a drastic reduction in starches and sugars. I'm waiting for some Fivelac Capsules to arrive and these should help;

This is difficult and demands a lot of discipline which is not easy because I have low energy levels and feel generally blah! I've done a lot of on-line research and received an email which has encouraged me. I had begun to lose hope that I could do this because I've been semi stalled with my weight loss since mid June and have been feeling increasingly weary and generally unwell. None of this was helped by the constant devilish itching.

I have also struggled for all of the last 35 years with a health issue that most Medical people do not believe in. I would love to just go into my Dr. and say A, B, C and she would say and you also experience E, F, G and this is the problem and we will treat it this way. It's not going to happen so I'll go it alone. Except that I'm not alone as there is so much help on the internet. My biggest concern is to keep everything in perspective, There are a lot of crazy theories and weird ideas. I am not drawn to 'alternative' medicine although I do know there is a lot of good out there.

I have a scientific bent so that when things look a little whacky I tend to run, sometimes before I've seen the glimmer of truth.

I feel different now. Still a little miserable and everything is an effort but I CAN DO IT. Hope and determination have returned with the knowledge that I'm battling an out of balance natural yeast problem. It won't be easy but with time and discipline I will get things back in balance again.

I don't want to overwhelm this Blog with boring details and continual talk about how I feel so I am logging all that on my tracker with a few comments each day. This remains a weight loss area because that's how I began but it's also about life in general. Weight loss is is only a small part of my life, or should be, so this is more about our life including my health and weigh loss.

I'm now 71 years and 5 months old, but who's counting. It seems ridiculous to me to be so bothered with my weight but I am concerned about my health as there are so many things we want to do and good health makes all this so much simpler. Without good health some things become impossible and I don't want to be in that situation because I've not made the right changes. In many ways I feel 10 or more years younger and I want to experience the benefit of how I feel.

Today my respect and sympathy goes out to the people who have lost fathers, husbands, sons, brothers an friends in the West Coast Mine Disaster. I will try to write more about this over here in the next day or so.

We waited and hoped for good news. We are all affected by this tragedy. My heart breaks fr the people in the midst of this. I pray for God's comfort to wrap around all the hurting people.
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