Monday, 29 November 2010



Having a very quiet day today. It's warm and cloudy with little wind so I'll possibly go for a walk later but first a soak in the bath to relieve my skin. Soaking in water is the only true relief I get. A swim in the sea would be interesting but I think the salt would be stingy. Ouch!


Yesterday I got to Church alright. Forgive me for being critical. The last 2 times the music and worship and communion time have been uplifting and enjoyable. Then came less than good sermons and an abrupt end to the service. I really dislike leaving church feeling as though I wasted my time. They need to take a leaf out of the Chef's wisdom that the final part of the meal is what brings people back. I stopped going to church for a time because I had enough problems of my own without leaving church angry and frustrated because the preaching, content or delivery was deathly. My favourite church, which is unfortunately too far away for me to attend is never like that. The service builds gently through the worship, and there is a constant sense of God's presence. I have rarely if ever heard a sermon there that left me with negative feelings, then there is extended ministry and fellowship that continues for up to 3 hours. No-one wants to go home.


I'll continue to go there because that's the only place locally that interests me and they are struggling with finding good preachers some weeks so I'll take the good with the bad.

There was a little unpleasant excitement on the way home. I came around a corner to see a motorcyclist sprawled in the opposite lane and his bike in the bank. He wasn't moving and I went into panic mode but held it together as best I could. Most important was to stop traffic and being Sunday and a beautiful day there was plenty. While I was frantically seeking my phone I stopped a car coming up the hill. Fortunately they were sensible people and I called out for them to make the emergency call and they took over the immediate site while I went around the bend I'd just driven through and up the hill to stop/slow downhill traffic. This is a very narrow road with tight bends yet traffic travels fast enough to get into trouble. I think the Fire Brigade from Kuaotuna were there in about 10 or 15 minutes. I was glad to hand traffic control over. By this time the man had come to and the other folk had him sitting against the bank seemingly not too badly hurt. He was knocked out cold for less than 5 minutes by my reckoning because I knew there was traffic less than 1 km ahead of me. The folk in the other car said he seemed to have hurt his shoulder. My daughter said the ambulance and accident response went through from Whitianga with all lights blazing and sirens flashing but I didn't need to wait for them to arrive.

My worst nightmare has always been to be first up on an accident. I tend to panic big time. well OK. I do hold it in and try to think logically but after a moment or two I begin falling apart if no-one is there to support me. I was like this with our children and nothing has changed. I'm glad it was on a day when there was more traffic than usual. I doubt if more than 30 seconds went by before I was no longer alone. I'm also thankful that initially there was nothing gory. And I'm very thankful the man came to and was able to stand and walk then sit and rest while waiting for the ambulance.

I came home and decided that was all the excitement I needed for the day so no walk.

The previous night John and I went for a walk just after the sun had set but while there was still some light I think the photos are pretty good.

Maybe we'll go for another evening walk after tea tonight. It could become an enjoyable habit.
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