Monday, November 15, 2010


I've been hiding.

I'm very disappointed with myself for achieving next to nothing over the last 6 months but when I look at my weekly stats all I can say is, 'It could be worse.'

I just kept slipping and sliding trying to catch onto anything until I pretty much gave up. The result of giving up was not pretty and I didn't feel good physically or mentally.

There are a hundred million [size=18]excuses[/size] running around in my head but to be honest that's all they are.

On Friday I had to fast minimum of 12 hours for annual blood tests. It wasn't easy and made me realise how I'd become accustomed to eating at night. I faced up to how much extra food I've been consuming and the kind of food. I've been eating a lot of bread and that means loads of butter, not to mention fillings. It also means I'm eating less fruit and veggies.

We were also at Mum's all week and although it makes life easier, in that we are on the spot and our travelling is reduced hugely, we missed some of the comforts of home. I wouldn't mind living there permanently but I would miss a few things we have here. There are no other options right now anyway because we would need to sell this house, something we're not prepared to do just yet.

We came home Friday afternoon so I decided to eat light all day. It was drastic. I had my breakfast smoothie and drank only water. Talk about coffee withdrawal, not to mention sugary-starchy stuff. Yesterday I continued only slightly less harshly. My gut was kind of upset with me .... can you blame it? I had my usual breakfast smoothie, mashed potato and carrot lunch and dinner and a fresh apple. I drank about 1.5 lt water so not that flash at flushing my system.

I'll continue today only instead of mash I'll have fresh salad and maybe an egg or two. I can't undo all the damage in a couple of days but I can try to clean up my act.

Recently I read there is scientific evidence proving it takes 4 days to reduce the carbohydrate cravings. I'm making an effort to get back onto my Lean For Life Program. I should then feel better and also lose another 6-10 kg this year. That would help in many ways.

As I wrote that I realised I could be an 80s girl for 2011. I can do it but it does mean sticking with the plan.

It's a busy time as we lead into Christmas and holidays but I've done it before and I can do it again. This healthy eating plan combined with a daily walk needs to be part of my lifestyle. One day at a time.

wishing you all a good week and success in whatever you are doing.


Hippygal said...

Thats the thing we know we can do it, as we have done it before...... and I am sure you will do it again :-)

Phyllis said...

I see I have really put on more pounds since arriving at this project. I have been afraid to hop on the scale for more than a week. We have sworn off buffets. Just do not have the willpower. One day at a time they say.

You can do it!

Merikay said...

I've been eating a vegetarian ditto for 10 days now. Haven't lost an ounce! I had a pretty bad gout attack and the doctor said no meat for awhile.

Merikay said...

That should say "diet" not "ditto!"

Stephanie said...

Like you said, you've done it before and you CAN do it again! I'm right there with you. Hang in there, my friend. *HUGS*

anna said...

I'm having to fast this morning before my doctor appointment and it's been a mental challenge for me! It is hard because I'm so used to my routine.