Wednesday, 17 November 2010



I wrote this on the SFL chat forum this morning. At first I wasn't sure about putting it all here but I've had second thoughts.

I'm up to my 5th or 6th day coffee and bread free. I didn't intend to go coffee free. It just happened and I decided to keep on going. Mostly I drink black unsweetened filter coffee with the occasional cappuccino thrown in, although the cappuccinos have been known to take over if I have a packet of instant sachets in the house.


The whole aim over the last few days has to been to reduce the sugary and starchy foods. I've stayed with that although have had potato, just a small to medium portion of mash the last 3 days. I'm not sure that I will continue as there are other veggies I like better anyway. It's just that they are there because TWJ can't imagine dinner without. I even went into ketosis for a time yesterday so will continue to work toward that becoming a permanent situation.

I saw my doctor last Wednesday and she diagnosed the rashes which are driving me crazy as a fungal infections and gave me some cream. This is going to take forever to work because suddenly alarm bells began ringing.

I have had ME and in the process learned a lot about candida infections and how they become systemic and undermine your health from within with these skin infections being just one of the many outward symptoms. I paused as I was leaving her room and mumbled something about it being interesting as there is a connection between yeast infections and fungal infections. Why didn't she prick up her ears?

I came home totally frustrated. All my doctor was interested in was my blood pressure and getting a fresh set of blood tests. Forget that my sleep is interrupted and this infection will take some getting rid of and there has to be a cause. I'm so sick of doctors not listening to me when I talk about the general unwellness I experience.

On the internet I have done a little research. I really don't feel comfortable with self diagnosis but when your doctor brushes you off what else are you to do?

Suddenly it all fits together. I have more than 50% of the symptoms that go with an overgrowth of Candida Albicans or systemic yeast infection. This is considered serious in that over time it does a huge amount of hidden damage in the organs, particularly the liver and can cause food allergies and diabetes. I was also interested to note that the symptoms of systemic yeast problems overlap with gluten intolerance so can be confused.

I've known about this particular problem for nearly 40 years but because it has been pretty much dormant or I have learned to live with it, I stopped being concerned. I think age is catching up and my body is not resisting as well as it used to. I have become slack about many things and brushed off many signs not wanting to face the discipline required to live free of this pestiferous problem.

My slackness has caught up with me big time and I must face up to the only way I know to deal with this. I hate that it takes months to become well but the benefits are too big to ignore. To continue as I have been is playing with fire. I limit danger foods then slack off and that is just about the wost thing I can do.

One benefit is that quite quickly the foggy brain begins to become clearer and with that determination improves. Already I'm seeing some reward for reducing sugars and starches.

I thought I'd go for a walk this morning. I was really looking forward to an early morning walk but my gut cramped up and that is that for now. I'll try again later. Why didn't I click sooner that my unwellness, the fatigue, the nausea and stomach upsets combined with skin rash are symptoms of an old problem.

My goal now is to be in ketosis on an everyday basis. That means no more spud, no more playing with fire, testing boundaries and eating stuff in the hope I can get away with it. It's a huge discipline when I think about it long term. I do wonder about my ability to follow through but my choice is to continue to have episodes from mild to serious of being unwell or get healthy.

Being in ketosis, which I can measure, signals to me that I'm staying in the place where my body burns fat because there are no surplus sugars. Since sugars feed systemic candida problems this looks like a good way to stay in line. It's all about being healthy and the wonderful side benefit is weight loss. I can live with that or be miserable.

I guess some of my problem is that I feel guilty for letting my body get into this state and I blame myself for poor eating. But what if this tendency toward candida problems is just a simple body weakness and not my fault? I take responsibility for being able to control the problem but if I am honest I can trace this weakness back to my childhood, long before over eating and weight became a problem. It sounds like a chicken and egg situation and it's time I stopped being embarrassed and blaming my poor eating habits.

I need to become passionate about a healthy diet. That's another Topic so I'll move on with the rest of my day which includes lunch at Mum's Thank God she is well.
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