Saturday, 20 November 2010


If I had $2000 in my pocket I would be on the next flight to USA and Mobile to spend a week, or as long as I dared, with the this Church at Mobile Convention Center, One South Water Street, Mobile AL.

My pastor mentioned he'd been watching a video of a meeting on God TV and I knew I wanted to watch and was glad to find a connection on the internet since we don't have access to God TV. I'm hoping I haven't exceeded my allowance for this month as it will cost big time if I have, but I just couldn't stop watching once begun.

I listened/watched Nov. 18th and the whole service is great but it was the preaching that really got to me. So much of what Nathan Morris said I have carried in my heart for over 30 years. I live in a backwater of the world and a backwater of New Zealand, but I have always known God has amazing plans for this generation.

The video I watched is here. More can be watched here. Oh for unlimited internet.

I'm very thankful for what we do have. It's only 12 years since I first learned to send an email. Joining a meeting live is possible from a distance via internet. Isn't that amazing. People in the Middle East, and anywhere else in the world there is an internet connection, can become part of this revival through the internet. Amazing.

Yesterday I was able to go to River Day, a Holy Spirit Day for women at Hikuai which is run by Julie, the wife of the pastor of Pauanui Baptist Christian Fellowship. We had a glorious day and I had some kind of breakthrough. As we worshipped there were a few prophetic words. One was about forgiving and my reaction was, 'just another religious person wanting to say something.' God forgive me. Because a few minutes later I was on the floor expressing forgiveness to TWJ's and my own parents, but mostly TWJ's father for leaving him with a poor self image, not to mention abandoning his family to serve in WW 2, when his wife was in poor health and the needs of his family should have been more important than his country. Poor self esteem and a sense of rejection have plagued our family and been the root cause of some grievous behaviour. It has had a powerful affect and is more like a stronghold over our whole family and our children pay the price. Then a wonderful thing happened. I could see, 'in my spirit', an angel between me and the dark influence.

I've been crying out for a long time for breakthrough for my family and bewildered that I was getting nowhere then a seemingly casual conversation set me thinking. I don't know what comes next. I just know God is still on our case. He hasn't given up even if I almost did. It's not over yet but I believe that some very good things are in store.

Meantime I cannot wait to go to Church tomorrow. I cannot remember when I last felt quite so excited about Church. It's as though something has been holding me down for a very long time and the restriction is busted and now I'm soaring like a stone from a catapult. That could be prophetic. David's stone hit the mark and killed Goliath who was scaring the Israelites to death. That's good.

Back to Mobile and Church of His Presence. Pastor John Kilpatrick once was pastor in Browsville, Pensacola when there was a major revival and the presence of God was so strong people were crying out to God to save them even in the Car park and there were long queues to get into the church from early morning. Plane loads of people were traveling from all over the world and that was in the 90s. When we went to USA in 2005 one place on our itinerary was Pensacola although just before we left I learned there was a huge rift in the church. We still went to Pensacola and I took photos of this gorgeous pelican. We went on to Mobile and the Bellingrath Gardens. While in Pensacola I went to Miracle Faith Centre which is a Christian Harfouche Ministry and a real shock to the system. I became the most conservative of conservative Presbyterian Middle Class Kiwi women. Every pentecostal bone in my body vanished. *haha* What a special pilgrimage it would be to go to Mobile now!
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