Saturday, 16 October 2010


TWJ and I have agreed it's just a waste of time, energy and money ..... growing our own vegetables. Oh, did you think I meant something else. Well my health is something I cannot give up on even if I want to.

This morning TWJ ran the lawn mower over the weeds after I rescued a few pathetic but tasty silverbeet leaves. It will take a while for it to look like lawn but given the behaviour of the main variety of grass that grows here it will take over soon enough.

We have the perfect climate for growing and our sandy soil should grow good stuff as long as it's watered in dry weather but either we are not good gardeners or the soil is really bad or our only available spot is in the wrong place for sun etc. We think it is too shady, has poor drainage, and gets too much wind plus the soil is not as good as it should be. The wind we can deal with, the shade we can't do anything about and we've put quite a lot of compost and fertiliser in and not seen results. It's just not worth persevering. I prefer the wonderful fresh flavours of home grown vegies but given our lifestyle and our (willingness), unwillingness to spend all our waking hours in the garden I think I'll plump for the supermarket or when possible Farmer's Markets.

I'll keep a couple of tiny places where I can toss in a few things among the flowers. Our garden area is really small. I used to make an effort but somehow I find other things to do with my time so the Garden goes. Sad but I'm not going to feel guilty. Even the small flower garden looks sad. I let sweet peas self sow and they flop all over the place producing a few sweetly perfumed flowers so I'll not touch them until they're done.

Hooray for silverbeet also know as Swiss Chard.

What do you do when you know you should eat something but don't know what you want? I open the fridge door a hundred times and don't find much inspiration there. I look in the pantry knowing there will be no inspiration there.

I looked at the silverbeet dumped in the sink waiting to be well washed because if I don't it will be gritty. Eggs Florentine came to mind but I didn't want my eggs poached and didn't feel like toast either. Ive been eating badly the last few days and was feeling the after effects.

Start by cooking the young silverbeet leaves. Look in fridge again and find a few of the mixed vegies, beans, broccoli, carrot etc. left over from last night. Grab a non-stick pan, high heat, a knob of butter and that handful of leftovers. Break a couple of eggs over, loads of ground pepper, little salt and shave some parmesan cheese. Now I have a lazy man's frittata, or something, except I don't stir. Leave to cook until eggs are at the required firmess, not too runny, snip over parsley. Grab a plate and dump silverbeet in the middle then clumsily lift the eggy thing out of the pan on top. Eat and be satisfied for hours.

Move over Master Chef invention test. I often cook and eat up stuff I would never dream of serving to anyone else. TWJ had his normal toast and something lunch. I had my high protein and vegetable meal. We're both satisfied.

It's a funny old day. I phoned daughter earlier to tell her it wasn't worth bringing Mum out for a drive this afternoon. They'd been bathed in sun for hours and we hadn't seen a peep, not even a hint of blue through the clouds. Now we've had lunch the sun is out and we've washed our bed linen. It'll be dry in an hour or so. I do so like to see my washing hanging on the line, waving in the breeze on a sunny afternoon.

I want to keep writing but I promised a silky bag for Jay to fill with freshly dried lavender and place in Mum's pillow. So this is it until next time. *smile*
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